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Souplantation presents: Mac Indulgence Macaroni loved rubbing elbows with the finer things in life. He was pure decadence. He wouldn’t go near powdered cheese if his life depended on it. Which it did. Macaroni arrived at Souplantation’s kitchen and dove into a pot of boiling water, until he was al dente. There he met Mozzarella. Parmesan. Romano. Asiago. Cheeses he could mix with and not feel grainy or compromised. With a semolina smile, Macaroni joined his new friends in a gooey, cheesy dish that can only be called Mac N’dulgence. Even Bacon jumped in. Soon they were adored by all. Don’t be sad for macaroni. He was made from scratch! He used his noodle. You know if al dente Macaroni, 4 decadent cheeses and bacon could do a high five they would. Discover mac and cheese all month long. Discover Fresh.

Souplantation presents: Avocado and Bacon love. It was a match made in flavor heaven. Avocado was raised at the grove, hanging out until she was soft and ripe. Bacon grew up on the farm and smoked until he was cured. Avocado and bacon met at Souplantation where they did a lovers leap into the salad bowl. Avocado came out of her shell. Bacon crumbled at the sight of her. Together their flavors intermingled with a creamy ranch dressing into the Avocado BLT salad. Soon they were loved by all. Don’t be sad for Avocado and bacon. They’re an irresistible couple of flavors. You know if cubed avocado and crumbled bacon could sigh wistfully, they would. Discover the Avocado BLT Salad, today at Souplantation. Discover fresh.

Souplantation presents: Produce gone loco. They were fresh off the farm and looking to party. A little green, but full of life and more than a little spice. Lime, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro and their husky buddy Tomatillo. With the help of a few friendly farmers, they hitched a ride on a cool, refrigerated truck to a great kitchen, where their culinary rave began. With the flash of a knife and a hearty Ole’, they were sliced, diced, crushed and squeezed into a flavor fiesta that will make your tastebuds do the cha-cha-cha. Tomatillo Focaccia, made-from scratch. Zesty Turkey Taco Salad, hand-tossed with a creamy chili lime dressing. Sure… lime, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro and Tomatillo gave their lives so you can eat well. But they did it for fun. Not because they’re party animals, but because they’re party produce. Souplantation. Discover the Flavor Fiesta NOW during the month of May. Discover fresh.

Souplantation presents Once upon a tomato. He grew up on the farm. At the ripe age of 45 days, he was given a warm shower and placed in a crate so he wouldn’t be bruised. That day, he was brought to a big kitchen, where he watched dozens of cooks make soups from scratch. Clam Chowder. [French Onion.] Cream of Mushroom. Then it was Tomato’s time to shine. He was chopped, pureed and simmered with fresh herbs into a luscious tomato soup. That same day, he was brought to a restaurant where he saw Muffins and Foccacia all baked from scratch. Soon, he was gobbled up and loved by all. Don’t be sad for the tomato. He was put on this earth to be enjoyed [in the] fresh[est way possible.] He’s a tomato. And he was never frozen or ruined with preservatives. You know, if a chopped [up, pureed] and simmered tomato could smile… he would. Souplantation. Discover fresh.


Photo of roadside billboard displaying advertisement for Souplantation with headline “Delicious When Opened

Bus Bumper Stickers

Photo of rear of a bus showing Souplantation advertising.
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Honk! If you love house-baked muffins.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'My other ride is a tractor.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Have you hugged your FOCACCIA today?'.
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Make Pasta Not War.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Meet Me At The Bar.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Your honor student feeds her brain here.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'The Closer You Get, The Fresher I Look.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Legalize Limitless Salad.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Elect Joan's Broccoli Madness.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Make Mac Not War.'
  • Bumper sticker with the text, 'Caution This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops to Souplantation.'