Every new employee at the corporate office of Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. has to do cross-training in the restaurant.  Cross-training is a full day in the restaurant going through the daily tasks of what our crew members do on a daily basis.

One of our own, Lindsay in our graphics department, recently went though the cross-training at the Point Loma Souplantation and took notes of her experience. Below is Lindsay’s day as a crew member at Souplantation:

I think I missed my calling.  I, apparently, am a gifted focaccia cutter.

Though my days usually consist of sitting behind a computer designing signs, banners, and various marketing materials for Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes— this week I, and two other of my corporate cohorts, spent the day at a Souplantation slinging salad!

Having never worked in a restaurant, I was completely out of my element. For me, the one goal of the day was to not poison anyone.  But Enrique, the store manager at the Point Loma Souplantation, had us following their strict strict cleanliness policy, taught us how to check food temperatures, and ensured that we were serving the best possible product we could. Salads were changed every 20 minutes or less (depending on the demand), fresh focaccias were coming out of the ovens left and right , and if anything wasn’t up to par, it wasn’t put on the bar.

My favorite part of the day? Cutting the focaccia. Turns out, I am awesome at cutting fococca.

I have to say, though, I was dreading my day of cross-training, the people at Point Loma Souplantation, actually made it fun. After six hours of muffin making, soup laddeling and salad tossing, what did I learn? The good people that work in our restaurants have far harder jobs than I do— and I am so grateful to them for doing it so well.

— Lindsay,


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