Easy Tips for Healthy Eating

Young woman preparing salad in a home kitchen

These days, it’s a struggle to eat healthy. Whether that’s because we’re too busy to change our eating habits or we’re just not sure how to navigate the many food choices that are out there, these simple tips from the Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes dietitians for eating healthier should put you on the right track.

The Less Processed, the Better

This could be said to be the golden rule for eating healthy in today’s food environment: if you’re looking for an easy health standard that’s almost always right, eating as little processed food as possible is your best bet. Processed food is essentially any food that’s undergone “processing” of any kind before you eat it. For example, a completely unprocessed food would be a whole apple: there’s no processing involved; you just pick the apple off a tree and eat it. Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, on the other hand, is created through an extensive, industrialized process involving oil extraction, protein denaturing, and hydrogenation. Opt for whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible, and you’re almost guaranteed to eat healthy.

Eat Small Bites, Slowly

Eating mindfully can help you eat the right amount without overindulging and is another important part of staying healthy. It can take about 20 minutes before your brain figures out that your stomach is full and turns off your hunger signal. Start by using a smaller plate, fill at least half your plate with vegetables, sip on water between bites and wait 15 to 20 minutes before deciding to go for second helpings. Try to take small bites, chew your food well, and take your time between bites. Not only will portion control be easier, but you’ll enjoy the food more as well.

Do Your Research

Sometimes, it’s hard to control what you’re eating, especially if you eat out. If you know you’ll be in a situation where you’ll need to eat out, do research ahead of time to scope out some healthy options. That way, when the conversation comes up about where to eat, you can be the first one to suggest a healthy spot.


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