Remember all those yummy treats mom made for you when you were a kid? Hot tomato soup with gooey grilled cheese. Sweet chocolate chip cookies. Bet you can taste them right now, just thinking about them! Hold that thought!

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Grilled cheese and tomato soup make us feel like a kid again! What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for you?

Contest ends 03/20 at midnight.  Two winners will be randomly selected. Winners will be announced March 21, 2011 on our blog. Only one entry per person.

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2,227 thoughts on “‘EAT LIKE A KID’”

  1. The food that makes me feel like a kid again is my mom’s chicken enchiladas. She would always make them with smashed beans (not re-fried ones since she never fried them) and Spanish rice. We knew it was a special occasion when she would also make jello cake for dessert. The jello cake especially reminds me of all the summer birthday dinners we would have with the family. 🙂

  2. I remember my mom making the best cinnamon toast with the cinnamon a little crunchy on top. I still have cravings for it at times to this day.

  3. Mom always makes the best brownies, among her sweet treats. But I prefer her lemon brownies. They are my favorites!

  4. Besides the classic Mac’N’Cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup… Heading down to Souplantation makes me feel like a kid again!

  5. Dear Souplantationers,
    my grandma used to make this vegetable soup out of all different kinds of veggies that were growing in her garden.Carrots,beans,cabbage,cauliflower, whatever was ripe and available.It was sooo good!!With it she would serve fresh bread from our hometown bakery, topped with fresh sweet cream butter.Yumm!
    Btw:We love sour sweet tomatoes here in Jacksonville!!Keep up the good work!

  6. Homemade spaghetti and warm French bread. That was home and my mom’s love.

    I’m curious, the buckets of dough sound like a fabulous idea, why only have them for a month? And also, bring back my cherry tomatoes!!!! 🙂

  7. Grilled cheese and tomato soup make us feel like a kid again! Add in alittle marinaria sauce or tomatoe soup with the meal and dipping the sandwhich in the soup makes me feel like I’m 8 again and sitting at grandmas breaskfast table. I love love love the combination!! Great job guys

  8. Being Asian I never had the “American Yummy Meals & Treats” (Thick-creamy soups, Grilled cheese Sandwiches, Cookies) growing up. So my answer will probably be a lot different than others. My favorite “yummy meal or treat” that my mom prepared for me as I was growing up would have to be Kim-Bahp (Korean Roll – rice, egg, hot dog, spinach, carrot rolled in see-weed), It would be something both my Mom and Sister would prepare together and roll while me and my brother would watch and observe (wanting to help, but not aloud to touch any of the condiments) just waiting for them to finish rolling and cut into bite size and place them onto our plates. as you can imagine it was very healthy and a treat we got only when we brought home good report cards/progress reports from school.

  9. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with a side of steamed broccoli makes me nostalgic. My mom used to prepare that for me while I watched TGIF on ABC.

  10. Hi

    When I was a kid growing up in Chicago one of my favorite treats was baked potatoes with cheese, and if I was really lucky, some crumbled bacon. When it was sooo cold that potatoe just changed my whole attititude. It was so warm and made me feel so comfy. Even though I live in California now, this is still one of the items I always have when we go to Soup Plantation. It still reminds me of sitting in my grandma’s kitchen.

    Thanks for the memories!

  11. My mother made the most terrific chicken and dumplings. She used rendered chicken fat in the dumplings so they had a beautiful yellow color and a delicious flavor. They were puffy and light as a cloud and just melted in your mouth. I never learned to make them that way and I’d give anything to taste them again.

  12. Tomato soup and pasta definitely reminds me of my childhood. When I was a kid, I was definitely always such a messy eater. I’d always drop my pasta, and stain my clothes red all the time. So definitely when I eat these foods, I do get a bit nostalgic for the past and my innocent little messy eating habits!

  13. I remember the delicious chicken fricassee that my Mom used to make, even tho it was over 60 years ago. Who could forget the aroma and scrumptoud taste after coming into the house on a cold winter day!

  14. My favorite food as a child that mt mother made was her potato and ham chowder..It was always the perfect creamy consistency, with that salty hint in it. She added all her own spice mixtures and just made it her own which of course made it better. I use to ask my mom what she out in ito to make it so good and she would just say love. To this day its still my favorite when she makes it,

  15. My mother used to make an extra thick and rich and creamy potato, onion and bacon soup and leave the skins on the spuds. We lived on a farm and grew most everything ourselves including the pigs for the bacon that we smoked and cured ourselves. She also would bake multiple loafs of good old sourdough bread. When it would come out of the oven and within just minutes slice off 2 nice thick peices, smear peanut butter nice and thick on 1 peice and on the other a nice thick slab of sharp chedder cheese, real homemade butter on the outside of both slices of bread and an old well seasoned cast iron skillet on the stove to brown off the sandwich and melt the cheese and the peanut butter together. I still eat that same comb to this day except I use leeks.

  16. Making peanutbutter & jelly ritz crackers to share with my friends wile we would hike through the hills of San Clemente. 🙂

    those were the good old days! LOL 🙂

  17. When I was a little kid my mom would always make tater tot casserole and still does to this day even though I no longer eat meat. She will still make a pan just for me. Oh how I love my mom!

  18. Mmmmm, remember I was able to come home from school during lunch in grade school and would love to eat cream of chicken rice soup with warm french bread dipped in it…yum yum

  19. My favorite meal as a child was pork chops and mashed potatoes. My mom would use cream of mushroom soup on top of the pork chops. She would make the potatoes from scratch and they were always lumpy. Yum!

  20. Oh man that’s a tough one…I would have to say the roast that Mom always made in the crock pot, the first night we would have tacos then the next night she would make beef and noodles. Mom’s beef and noodles is the one food that I have to be careful not to gorge on – if given the chance I would eat it until I was sick! I also love at Christmas time when she makes cinnamon suckers – yummo!

  21. Grandma’s Cool whip jello with fruit dessert. Light fresh and sooo delicious. Before my Grandma died, my dad learned to make it and got the recipe. I looked forward to that dish every get together as a kid and now I make it for mine! I watched and learned and got the recipe too.

  22. Perhaps this would be a bit unconventional to most, but my father used to make us crepes and oxtail soup. Those always remind of Saturday mornings and Sunday nights, respectively.

    For favorite childhood snack: Apple-peanut butter-marshmallow smiles were a favorite in my house (except we used Granny Smith apples).

  23. Hands down, the food combo that conjures up great childhood memories for me is my mom’s homemade bean curd and mushroom soup, homemade dumplings, and marinated, baked spare ribs!

  24. my father brought home mcdonald’s for breakfast every saturday. i especially loved the mcdonald’s breakfast happy meals as a little kid!

  25. I find tastes of my childhood at Sweet Tomatoes. Growing up, the aroma of creamy mac ‘n cheese and gooey chocolate chip cookies filled the air in mom’s kitchen. I’d munch away a plate full of the mac ‘n cheese, then another, then half a dozen warm cookies I religiously dunked in milk. That was my childhood. But to this day I’ll never tell mom I prefer Sweet Tomatoes mac ‘n cheese over hers.

  26. I have such very fond memories of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with cheezit crackers and chocolate milk. The flavor combination was so very delightful! My mom made the best PB&J’s, but I made the chocolate milk. The trick is to blow bubbles into it with your straw.

  27. Oddly enough, my favorite childhood memories are from when I was sick! I remember many times when my mother would pick me up from school after getting called from work. She would lay me on the couch, wrap me up in my fabulous Strawberry Shortcake sleeping blanket, and turn on Sesame Street. What made it the best, though, is that she would then make my favorite comfort food, bean with bacon soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. We’d spend the rest of the day snuggled up, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. Those were the days!

  28. Mom made spaghetti and meat sauce that was more American than Italian, but we loved it. I especially liked the little bits of white stuff and searched for them to chew on. If someone had told me they were bits of garlic, I would have refused to eat them (you know kids.) As an adult they are still my favorite thing in spaghetti sauce and each time, sure, memories of Mom.

  29. Homemade Warm Blue Cheese Dressing made with honey, cream cheese and celery salt over a bed of lettuce was one of my Mom’s specialties that brings back childhood memories.

  30. I always have remember my mom serving us our favorite lunch when I was around 5 years old, chicken and stars soup, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I would dip my sandwich in the soup!!

  31. When I was little I lived with my grandma until I was 6 year old, while mom was away studying in another country. My Grandma used to make “Color soups” to make me eat, did I mention I was a extremely picky eater?
    These Color soups were made with a mix of different ingredients. For example, carrots made an Orange soup. She also cooked red, green, yellow. I don’t remember what they were made of, but they were awesome. Today grandma Nacha, which is her name, is 90 years old, and with age also came the forgetting things and not recognizing people. In her mine, I am that little girl that was the picker eater, and the “Color soups.” We are about 1000 miles away, and even if I haven’t visited her for about 5 years. She still remember me even if she can;t recognize her other grandchildren, she remember that memory.

  32. Being the oldest of 4 children my mother thought it important that I learn a few simple meals . This was a good idea cause I love to cook . I learned the basics like tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches , tuna salad , and spaghetti (pasta) . Still some of my favorites all of which I can find at Sweet Tomatoes . Thanks Jean

  33. My favorite food combo when I was little was peanut butter and bologna. I know…not the every day combination; but, when I was growing up I absolutely would not eat one without the other!

  34. My mom would always make Chicken and Dumplings and it was so delicious. I also loved her Shepherd’s pie and homemade macaroni and cheese. I will never forget when we first moved to Arizona from Illinois and she learned how to make Chimichangas. What a great treat! We ended up teaching all of our relatives how to make them so they could bring it back to Illinois and Wisconsin. Now I need to show them how to make a spicy salsa, not the kind from a jar! Thanks for always providing healthy and fresh food for us when we eat out.

  35. My favorite childhood memory- ham and cheese croissants while I sit and watch my mom working in her salon. Nothing can beat the texture of a flakey, buttery, warm croissant filled with gooey cheese and savory ham.

  36. Cinnamon toast and English muffins topped with cheese or peanut butter were the staples of elementary school recess. Mmmmm…recess.

  37. A homemade beef stew simmering on the back of the stove when I came home from grade school on a cold, rainy day. No matter how miserable the weather, after a bowl of Mom’s homemade stew I always felt warm, loved, and home.

  38. My favorite childhood memory is making bread pudding with mom. It was in the days of innocence and we loaded up the white bread with butter pouring eggs and milk and sugar on top of it and then baked it. The smell was heavenly and the taste was better!!

  39. Well, I was raised in Venezuela and the food that reminds me more of my childhood is called “Cachitos”; it is a snack which is very similar to the French croissant filled with chopped ham and or cheese. My sisters and I used to take the public bus to school every morning but not before we stopped by the “Panaderia” (a cafe where they sold them fresh out of the oven) to get “Cachitos” with orange juice. 😉 Yum, Yum, I wish I could be there right now, brought me back good memories and they were delicious!!

  40. My favorite childhood memory involving food would be hot oatmeal with raisins and maple syrup, a slice of warm buttered bread a cup of hot chocolate. That tops them all!

  41. For me the food that brings the best memories is the Rice Krispie Christmas Wreath that we use to have each holiday season. Plus it was funny to watch it shrink as Grandma kept sneaking in each night to steal some and reshaping the wreath.

  42. My favorite thing that mom made was her sweet tomato spaghetti and meatballs and thick garlic bread with a delicious tossed salad including cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cellery, and olives.

  43. It may sound a little strange, but I loved the reaction this favorite got from my friends, and I truly loved my mothers Sauted Chicken Livers with onions and mushrooms with a side of spinach. Yum. Too bad my kids do not feel the same way.

  44. Massive sun ripened tomatoes that literally hung off the bread, sliced thickly with mayo on sourdough bread.
    Followed by ice cold ice cream in a bowl with hot chocolate sauce drizzled on top. YUMMM!! Can still taste it.

  45. Memories…Yep…got memories!! My mother made the most delicious homemade yeast rolls ever!! MY brother, 2 sisters, and I, would go out and play and mother would eventually come to the door and holler for us! We knew what she had hot in the kitchen! We would run as fast as we could to be the first one in the kitchen! There waiting was the largest pan of steaming hot rolls you ever saw!! When we 4 had our tummys full, there weren’t many rolls left on that pan!!

    She also made a favorite treat for us at breakfast time! Hot chocolate gravy to go over biscuits!! I have told many of my friends about this treat but I think it is a southern delicacy! You can even find it in our restaurants in Alabama! I have moved to NC and I always serve it for breakfast when we have company just to see their reaction! My hubby had never heard of it so he doesn’t care for it! You should try it at least once!

    Mother had a special pan that she always cooked her chocolate gravy in and luck would have it, that mother gave it to me as a gift!! yea!! Of course, my older sister and brother had always wanted it too but I am the one who has it on a shelf in my kitchen! 🙂

  46. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese definitely makes me feel like a kid again! And while I may never see it on the menu at Sweet Tomatos…..a fried bologna sandwich on white bread with mustard…….. 🙂

  47. There are so many things to choose from I don’t know where to start, but when i was younger i use to eat peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches almost every day. Mixing peanut butter with anything is a good idea, but with fluff there is no comparison. Brings me right back to being a little kid again! <3

  48. My favorite food memory is barbecue chicken! I remember eating so many chicken legs, no one could believe it. I also always loved ice cream!

  49. My two favorite meals as a child were spaghetti with homemade meat sauce and fried chicken wings with homemade french fries and broccoli. My favorite dessert which was served with the spaghetti on my birthdays was chocolate cake made with Miracle Whip and iced with mocha icing. Of course it was served with chocolate ice cream for this chocoholic.

    My mother was a stay at home Mom through my elementary years. She baked from scratch several times a week and lovingly prepared all our favorite foods. My fondest memories are helping her cook and reading aloud a book I was enjoying to her while she cooked. I was privileged to be able to bike home for lunch from my nearby school. My favorite lunch was those chicken wings she carefully trimmed and cut off the extra skin before flouring and frying for me.They were served with homemade biscuits and honey.We grew many of our vegetables in a back yard garden and freshly picked corn on the cob was a yummy addition to lunch. Freshly squeezed key limes from our own tree made yummy limeade to drink with lunch. Food preparation in our tiny kitchen and family meals together everyday were high spots in our family life and the source of many warm memories of growing up.

  50. I always moaned, groaned, and twisted my panties, however, I secretly loved it… My momma’s meat loaf. A sheer delicacy that my heart yearns for on a regular basis. 🙂

  51. Wow! I have sooooo many childhood memories when it comes to food! One of my fondest memories though is eating cream cheese & cherry sandwiches! It was the only way my Mom could get me to eat! Yum… I should try them again some day! Thanks for asking! Lynn B

  52. My favorite food memory from childhood was whenever it snowed in Portland, Oregon, my mom would bake homemade cinnamon rolls and make us French hot chocolate to go with the rolls. (French hot chocolate was whipped cream and melted chocolate, whipped together and spooned into hot milk!) I can still taste the sticky, ooey-gooey goodness of the cinnamon rolls and the rich creaminess of the hot cocoa, just thinking about it! What a treat, after spending the day out sledding and building snowmen, etc.

  53. I remember my mom’s homemade pies, with real pie crusts! She would roll them out, and I would watch her on the other side of the counter with my chin on top… And she would slip me a little piece of dough to play with. The pies would be to die for, with vanilla ice cream on e side!

  54. When I was a kid my mom would always make me a peanut butter and jelly (cut into squares because that’s the way i loved it) and a big glass of milk. We would watch the price is right and dukes of hazard every day. Very fond memories!

  55. Chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter and (strawberry) jelly sandwiches reminds me of my childhood days every time I eat them :’)

  56. Chicken noodle soup and ice cream sundays make me feel like a kid!
    For a mom and daughters day out – my mom and I would spend the day shopping stopping only for lunch, usually a bowl of soup at one of favorite cafe’s, then off to do more shopping.
    After our last round of shopping we “needed” to stop and get an ice cream sunday to “replenish our energy!” 🙂
    Thats why I enjoy Sweet Tomatoe so much – I can get two of my favorite foods – plus LOTS of other “new” favorites!

  57. My mom used to make my brother and I grilled cheese sandwiches growing up. She also has a yummy homemade potatoe soup that I still talk her into making for me! I now make grilled chesse sandwiches for my son and he loves them as much as I do.

  58. A yummy hot bowl of oatmeal with sugar and butter that mom slow-cooked on the stove….along with a cold glass of milk. MMMMM.

  59. My mother made delicious chicken soup and her version of Hungarian goulash. It was Americanized for my father who liked meat and potatoes. It was not a thick soup but basically had beef meat, potatoes, garlic, water and salt.

  60. Pepperoni sandwiches remind me of my childhood. My daughter may think of yogurt. She loved having yogurt as a “treat” when she was a good girl. She didn’t know it was healthy and not candy.

  61. Warm fried bread dough with butter and jelly………yummmmmmmm.
    Mom would always save some bread dough when she made homemade bread. The memory of her working the dough in her hands and dropping it in hot oil to fry, the wonderful smell as it browned, and then the heavenly taste are still vivid to this day.

  62. When I was a child my favorite was the Tomato soup made with milk and a great grilled cheese sandwich or tuna sandwich. Whenever we visited my Aunt we were treated to this also. MMMMM soup and sandwich.

  63. What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for you?

    I would have to say chicken cacciatore and spaghetti with plenty of fresh parmesan cheese and fresh crunchy salad, Pure comfort!

  64. MY all time greatest childhood memory is the time I spent in the kitchen with my great grandmother. we called her Granny and she was the best cook I have ever met. She taught me how to make biscuits, shuck corn, and snap peas. My all time favorite meal was her vegetable soup made from ingredients she had grown in her garden and fresh from the oven buttermilk biscuits. I think of her every time I eat vegetable soup (even if it’s made with canned veggies).

  65. One of my favorite childhood foods was peanut butter and jelly. I remember eating PB&J off the TV tray in the living room after morning kindergarten. We didn’t often eat in the living room, so that was a special treat. Sometimes we would have vegetable soup with the little letters, but PB&J has always been a favorite, especially with a glass of chocolate milk.

  66. My mom didn’t cook too much, but I always loved it when she’d make a Mexican casserole from a family recipe! Add some pinto beans and a side salad with ranch and it was perfect!

  67. My mom was a “scratch” cook….homemade bread, cookies. soups and stews! So my childhood memories tasted as yummy and sweet tomatoes!

  68. My favorite meal when I was a kid was lasagna. My mother made wonderful lasagna with thick noodles, mild sweet tomato sauce and creamy ricotta cheese. I was also was a big fan of the cartoon character, Garfield, the cat who love lasagna as well! I hope that Sweet Tomatoes sometime serves lasagna. It brings back great memories for me!

  69. My favorite meal when I was a kid was lasagna. My mother made wonderful lasagna with thick noodles, mild sweet tomato sauce and creamy ricotta cheese. I also was a big fan of the cartoon character, Garfield, the cat who loves lasagna as well! I hope that Sweet Tomatoes sometime serves lasagna. It brings back great memories for me!

  70. My favorite food from my childhood would be my grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. Always ooey gooey and yummy! I look forward to them when I eat at Sweet Tomatoes!

  71. When I was young, many years ago, my Mom’s cousin Beabe would bake her special recipe Honey Cake for me. Whenever we were together, at her house or ours, she had freshly baked Honey Cake. Beabe and her husband Itzak were two of my favorite people in the world. They had no children of their own and I always felt that I had a special place in their hearts. They lived on the north side of Chicago, near a branch of the Chicago River. One day when I was visiting Beabe and Itzak, Itzak was pulling weeds in his garden, when he came upon a turtle. This turtle had burrowed in the soil under some bushes. Itzak carefully lifted this turtle without waking it, and brought it to me as a gift. This was exciting, but the turtle was asleep and his head and legs were well tucked inside his closed shell. I did not know how we were going to wake the turtle, but Itzak had an idea. He went to the kitchen to get a slice of freshly baked Honey Cake and he placed it gently next to the turtle. it took a while, but the turtle finally woke up. His head came out of hi s shell followed by his legs. He nudged and sniffed the Honey Cake and slowly walked away.

  72. I still like to eat creamy tomato soup with a peanut butter sandwich. I also like to eat the soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. I dip the sandwich into the soup and then eat it! The soup on the sandwich makes it even better.

  73. My favorite meals as a kid were pb&J’s cut into triangles to dip in vegetable soup. My mom’s goulash, that I make now and absolutely LOVE. Roast cooked with baby carrots…and I could go on and on. My favorite dessert is apple crisp 🙂

  74. Grandma used to have windmill cookies all the time, they were kinda like ginger snaps with walnuts in em. those plus milk were a favorite

  75. All kids love cupcakes. My mom would make us a homemade recipe for chocolate cupcakes and cut the top of the cupcake out like a spinning top and fill it with loads of vanilla buttercream frosting then put the top back on. When I would bring this to school with me and eat it at lunchtime in the cafateria, all the kids eyes were on me. They all thought this was the neatest thing they ever saw. It looked like the cupcake was wearing a hat. So one day the teacher asked me if my mom wouldn’t mind making cupcakes for the next party we had in school. Of course my mom who loved to bake said yes. Now the treat was everyone in the class including the teacher had their own delicious cupcake with a hat!!!

  76. As a kid I remember the hearty homemade meals my Mom made using fresh vegetables grown in our backyard garden. My Mom is a southern-style cook, using family recipes to create dishes even us kids loved. She would fry up zucchini after breading it in cornmeal so it was extra crispy. Dad would bring in fresh leaf lettuce and Mom would create a loaded salad doused in homemade bleu cheese dressing and huge chunks of bleu cheese. I remember my Dad loved it so us kids loved it too!
    Tomato sandwiches were a treat using huge beefsteak tomatoes raised in the heat of a Maryland summer. Add a little mayonaise and salt and pepper and it was heavenly!
    Probably my favorite memory is of what Mom called “kilt lettuce” where she would fry and then chop bacon then pour the greasy oil over the huge leaf lettuce and chopped spring onions. I don’t think it was good for us but it sure was good tasting!

  77. My favorite memories of dinner as a child include dad’s made from scratch lasagna, and mom’s Cherry Cheescake.
    Dad’s lasagna was layer upon layer of long noodles, cooked al dente. Sweet tomato sauce, perfectly seasoned beef, and strings of cheese so long you had to twirl your fork.
    Mom’s cherry cheesecake started with a crunchy graham cracker crust. Powdered sugar, cream cheese, and whipped cream were beaten with a hand mixer until fluffy and smooth, then the ckae was topped with glazed cherries. Sometimes, the morning after mom made the cake, I’d find myself sneaking a piece for breakfast before school 🙂

  78. Hi,
    We didn’t eat such a concentration of raw veggies as a kid in our household. I would enjoy having some of your fresh veggies cooked some times. I was thinking one of the pans at your pasta station could offer a nice veggie stir fry or other cooked veggie preparations.

  79. As soon as I read the question the first memory that popped in my mind was peanut butter and grape jelly on white bread sandwiches; wrapped in waxed paper, cold from the cooler, on vacation at Clearwater Beach, FL sitting on the beach blanket and drinking a cold coke. Now these were the best sandwiches because not only were they real cold but had also been squished by the cokes in the cooler causing the grape jelly to seep thru the white bread…… I was probably 7 or 8 at the time. I remember clearly sitting with my family enjoying the salt water breezes and sand….the sound of seagulls and other happy vacationing families. I’m 55 now, both loving parents have since passed away but your one question sure flooded my mind with extremely happy…thanks. Barb New Port Richey, FL

  80. I’m not experienced in the methods of the blog world. Is this where and how we enter our blog submissions for your contest?

  81. My favorite meal combination as a child was a bowl of Chili and Cornbread. Of course I would compliment it with a wedge of onion on-the-side to give it that extra something. I would especially enjoy eating this favorite while sitting on the couch in the living room and watching the Mickey Mouse Club on the black and white television. We didn’t have much selection of television shows to watch back then, but when I think of Jimmie, Annette, Tommy, Doreen, Cubby, the Mouseketeer ears, M-I-C (see you real soon) K-E-Y (why?, because we like you) M-O-U-S-E, accompanied by my Chili and Cornbread . . . all I can say is, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

  82. I grew up with my dad and he always made the best grilled cheese, he cut the corners just right so we wouldnt get any crust on them. Something so simple but in made my day!

  83. I feel like a kid again when I eat Mrshmallow Treasures (gneric brand of Lucky Charms) mixed with Bran Flakes. Cereal was such a breakfast staple in our house, and sometimes we even had it for dinner. Of course my little brother and I loved the sugary artificialy flavored stuff, but my mother always mandated that we mix in a healthy cereal to get some nutrition. Now that I am in college I don’t eat the stuff as muh, but this morning I did — Peanut Bumbers (Captain Crunch) and strawberry Active LIfestyle (Special K). Mmmmm. It is like PB&J (another childhood favorite) in a bowl!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  84. Hot dogs & mac & cheese! My mom used to make that for us on summer days, usually with watermelon on the side 🙂 YUM!

  85. My favorite meal combination as a child was a bowl of Chili and Cornbread. Of course I would compliment it with a wedge of onion on-the-side to give it that extra something. I would especially enjoy eating this favorite while sitting on the couch in the living room and watching the Mickey Mouse Club on the black and white television. We didn’t have much selection of television shows to watch back then, but when I think of Jimmie, Annette, Tommy, Doreen, Cubby, the Mouseketeer ears, M-I-C (see you real soon) K-E-Y (why?, because we like you) M-O-U-S-E, accompanied by my Chili and Cornbread . . . all I can say is, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

  86. Especially when it was cold, my Mom would cook up her favorite tomato soup recipe and some yummy, gooey, cheesy homemade grilled cheese. The tomato soup was the most delicious kind with the tomato chunks throughout………….and it was made with love! It may sound corny but when I come into Sweet Tomatoes every Monday for lunch, it takes me back to a day when things were much simpler. And, I feel like I’m stepping back in time when I fill my bowl with tomato soup and I grab a delicious slice of the grilled cheese focaccia………..Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. My food combo that brings childhood memories back is chicken noddle soup and a ham sandwich. My mom would make us this combo when we would come in from playing hard outside all day. This was my favortie lunch for a long time. Sometimes I still like to make this just for a little treat.

  88. Chicken noodle soup and frozen yogurt (not together!) reminds me of the best times of my childhood. Whenever I was sick as a child, the aroma of chicken noodle soup would make things just a bit nicer. And frozen yogurt… I’ve always loved frozen yogurt, although now I prefer vanilla over chocolate. The child me would probably think that’s crazy.

  89. There is nothing that takes me back faster than a thick, homemade meatloaf…and chicken noodle soup from scratch. The worst day can be appeased in a heartbeat if that combo can be found on the dinner table!

  90. My Mother made so many wonderful meals but one single item that always comes to mind is her homemade southern coconut layer cake, made with fresh coconut which she grated by hand.
    Add a glass of milk and my world was complete. Thank you Mom. I miss you.

  91. My favorite thing that my mom made…

    Coming home from a hot day at Summer Camp to Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches! MMMMMM!!!!! The fresh cookies combined with the vanilla ice cream was the most amazing thing ever!

  92. Grilled Cheese Focaccia & Creamy Tomato soup makes me feel like a kid again at @souplantation – Free Meal #giveaway. RT to win!

    As a kid, I loved my grandmothers Chicken and Dumplings. The dumplings were hand made, and melt in your mouth good!

  93. My favorite childhood food was my mom’s famous homemade potato soup. It was all I wanted when I was sick, needed comforting, or just because! I love that stuff!

    To this day, I can’t make it as good as my mom does, so I’ve had to create my own totally new recipe. My mom’s was a traditional cream-based potato soup. Now, I’ve started making a broth-based potato and kale soup that I love. But, if I’m feeling under-the-weather when my mom comes to visit, I still ask her to make her version! 🙂

  94. My moms famous homemade chicken pot pie brings back my childhood memories and is still one of my faves to this day! Yummm

  95. When my dad would go out of town on a business trip, my mother, brother, and I would have breakfast for dinner. My mom would usually make waffles with maple syrup and bacon. I don’t know why it was such a special treat, but my brother and I would always look forward to this meal. As an adult, my mother told me that she did this because it was a quick and easy meal. Whatever the reason, it made us all happy.

  96. My mother made the best vegetable soup in the world. She used limas, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and okra from our garden. If she had it, she would add chicken, and rarely beef.

    I have tried to duplicate her soup, but have never gotten it just right. Anytime I see vegetable soup, it brings back wonderful memories of my mother.

  97. My favorite childhood food combination is definitely mac and cheese with hot dogs! The hot dogs have to be cut up perfectly and added to the boiling pasta right at the end. The creamy cheese mixed with the smokiness of the hot dogs is just the perfect combination. I still make it for my fiance and me! He loves it and I know our future kids will love it too!

  98. Loved,loved,loved grilled cheese and tomato soup and then gooey warm chocolate chip cookies especially after ice skating on the pond behind the barn on a COLD Minnesota day. Another favorite treat was breakfast for dinner. Eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Yum!!! I’m hungry now for all of the above. We’ll be having one of these for dinner tonight. Thanks for the memories flooding my mind. I’m going to call my Mom and Dad and thank them for my great childhood.

  99. One of my favorite childhood dishes, and it continues to be a favorite dish as an adult is my grandmother’s ghoulash. At my grandmother’s house I would “fight” with my grandfather for the last of the ghoulash (we even got him a fork that extends for easier stealing ability when we were at the table). At home, this was the dish I choose for my mom to make for numerous birthday dinners and when we would make it I would often help my mom by sticking my hands into the mound of ground beef, pasta and veggies and mixing everything together before it could be covered with creamy mushroom soup and ooey-gooey cheese. And now as a new mom I’ve made this dish for my 10 month daughter to try and she LOVED it too! She couldn’t seem to get enough, and even ate the bell peppers and onions in it! (Of course photos were sent out to family members because Grammy’s Ghoulash is a staple in our family–just the smell of it baking makes me think of my grandmother.)

  100. I like to remember sitting around the breakfast table on Sunday morning with bagels, cream cheese, and pickeled herring…I loved to put the onions from the pickeled herring on my bagel. It seemed to be the only day and meal that we could guarantee that we’d all be together.

  101. My two favorite creamy soups growing up were definitely creamy tomato soup and creamy mushroom soup. Whenever I was feeling sick or under the weather, that’s what my mom would make me. Yum! Just thinking about it brings back warm memories of my mom taking care of me when I was a child and needing a bit of love. Two thumbs up for these classic favorites!!

  102. Growing up on a dairy farm was hard and endless work. But the up-side was delicious food brought through our kitchen door from the bounty right outside of it. On busy mornings mom would treat us with a thick slice of toast slathered with fresh butter and a perfect mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Ice cold milk oozed over the edges of our colored metal ‘glasses’ in a flulrry of tiny bubbles. Weekends offered us a bountiful plate of thick bacon or ham and fresh eggs that we would have to ‘cut’ with our forks! Yolks were deeper in color than we know today. During harvest season, mom would feed the workers mountain high plates of freshly dressed chickens (no kidding) fried to a golden crisp, real mashed potatos whipped to a creamy cloud with ‘plops’ of golden butter melted into deep pools ready to receive the ladles of perfect creamy white gravy stirred to perfection at the last minute. The bright yellow ears of fresh corn on the cob would very often burst at the first bite and baptize a nearby fellow with juice! I was always excited about the fresh green beans, a color of green that didn’t exist in my crayola box, because I picked them, cleaned them and snapped them earlier that morning! Huge slices of succulent, bright red tomatoes edged the dinner plates. Our meals were very colorful. No main meal was served without an end offering of homemade cherry pie, latticed with perfect golden crust that actually had a flavor, and deep cark cherry goo seeping through the cracks!

  103. My favorite memory of mom’s cooking was “potluck” night on fridays. Thats where mom took the leftovers for the whole week and wrapped them in foil and heated them up in the oven. My families meal schedule was always the same, monday was hot dogs and mac n cheese, tuesday was salisbury steak and mashed potato, wednesday was beanie weenies, thursday was tuna casserole (yuck!), and friday we had all the leftovers, unfortunately there was always plenty of casserole, and not much of the other stuff. So my siblings and I fought for the beanie weenies.

  104. My Mom used to make the best rice pudding ever. As kids we would play “restaurant” where we would serve the delicious treat as every item on our “menu.” Order steak? Get rice pudding. Order salad? Get rice pudding. So went our menu. Many happy memories of childhood days with my brothers, sister, and friends.

  105. I have to say that when at my grandmothers house she would make for breakfast Mush…it is really thick cream of wheat put in a mold (she would use a loaf pan) refrigerated overnight then sliced and pan fried til golden brown served with syrup…I can still smell it sometimes and she always served milk and juice (a small glass of each) Even though she passed away 2 years ago that was one of the fondest memories I have.

  106. My favorite kid combo was tomato soup and grilled cheese my grandma would make. She would use Velveeta so it was so ooey gooey good! Me and my cousins would sit at the table and giggle while dunkin’ our grilled cheese in that tomato soup. MMMMMM

  107. My favorite food memory is when my dad had to cook for us. He didn’t know how to make many things, but he was AWESOME at breakfast foods. He would make us crepes with fresh fruit! The man could burn water, but boy did he make scrumptous crepes.

  108. My favorite combo as a kid was our standard holiday / special occasion breakfast/brunch. Usually fruit filled pierogi (cherry or plum) and unsmoked Keilbasa. Can you tell I’m half Polish? There was just something about the garlicy goodness of the sausage and the sweet, slightly tart pierogies that always brings me back to being a kid. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it was our typical Christmas morning meal and we’d have the lefotvers for the next couple days. Its harder to find both where I live now, but we try to carry on the tradition with my son.

  109. Fried bologna sandwiches! I wouldn’t touch them as an adult, but my mom made them for me as a kid and I loved them.

  110. I know this will sound nuts, but one of my favorite childhood food combo memories is boiled potatoes and sauerkraut! My dad used to mash the whole thing up together with mustard right at the table – it not only tasted great, it was a really fun show!!

  111. By cracky bars were my childhood favorite cookie bars. As far as food I would say my grandma chicken and dumplings

  112. Homemade chicken noodle soup and baking powder biscuits-my mom made both and I always loved soup night as a kid.

  113. Believe it or not, I do fondly remember tomato soup and grilled cheese…also, Stouffer’s escalloped apples and Rice-a-Roni…also, my mom made great Lake Superior whitefish. My kids’ favorites were (and still are-they are now grown) spaghetti pie and turkey au gratin

  114. I remember enjoying chicken salad sandwiches and Hula Hoop potato chips for lunch as a child… All while watching black & white episodes of Lost in Space on TV! This is one of my earliest memories. And even to this day, every time I eat a chicken salad sandwich, I’m taken back to those days of green vinyl covered dining room seating and “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

  115. Creamy soups and cobblers! Brings me back to the days when my mother would go outside to her gardens and pick what was in season. Her kitchen was a busy place then. What great smells and tastes!

  116. It’s hard to pick just one favorite. Your soups are a warm, filling memory back to when I was just a kid. I remember coming in from a day of play in the cold Michigan winters. There was a hot, steamy bowl of cream of tomato soup and a crunchy, gooey grilled cheese sandwich waiting for me. Who could feel more loved or taken care of? Thanks for your memory making bisques, chowders, soups, and chilis.

  117. My favorite childhood meal was a simpe grilled ham & cheese, but it had to be on thick, itaillian bread (sliced right from the loaf) – Also, my mom’s homemade chicken soup with rice instead of noodles… Loaded with veggies and chunks of chicken… soooo delicious!

  118. One of my favorite childhood memories concerns a sled, a sister, and a sandwich. I’ll share it with you now, in the hopes of free food. 🙂

    I was nine years old. We had a huge snow, and subsequently a snow day. My sister was five at the time, and we really wanted to go sledding. My mom’s offices were closed, but she had to keep working from home, so we called up our cousin. I think she was fourteen then. She said she would take us, and my mom took a little time away from her work to drive the three of us to Suicide Hill. Oh! Backin’ up now. Let me explain Suicide Hill. It was a twenty-foot hill of pure awesome which included an easy, gentle slope and a super steep rock-filled hill of doooooooooom. (Or at least, that’s what I called it.) There was also a baseball field and a playground. Best of all, it was about six blocks from my house. We took the gentle slope, of course. My cousin and my sister rode together on our long sled, and I rode alone in one of those little bowls. Well, long story short, I ran into a tree, and my cousin busted her chin on my sister’s head. We tearfully called my mom, and she dropped everything and sped over to come get us. Instead of just bringing us home and getting right back to work, she went into the kitchen and made us hot coaco and grilled cheese sandwiches while we sat, huddled in a blanket ball, watching TV.

    That may seem like a day I wouldn’t want to remember, but I will never forget it. My mom was–and is–so nice. I could never repay her.

  119. One of the things that my mom used to make me was chili with extra kidney beans on cold nights. Now everytime i go to Souplantation, I grab a bowl of chili and add in a large scoop of kidney beans. And if you happen to have the black bean chili, it’s another twist on chili and kidney beans.

  120. When I was a kid, my father always adored the combination of a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a scoop of orange sherbet. HIs grandmother had always ordered this combo on their trips to ice cream parlors, so he had picked it up as favorite. And the more he ordered it when WE went to ice cream shops, the more I started to like it too. To this day, we always get that delicious mix of creamy sweet chocolate and tart, refreshing orange. I’m trying my best to get my nieces to fall in love with the flavor mix now!

  121. My childhood food memory was with my grandmother. On the weekends, occasionally some friends and I would walk over to visit my grandmother for lunch. She would cut bagels in half, spread butter on them and cover the hole in the bagel with a large slice of tomato. Her tuna salad was always made already with a hard boiled egg and diced sweet gherkins pickles mixed in. She would put a large serving of tuna on top of the tomato slice and then top the tuna with a slice of American cheese. This was topped with a thin swipe of butter. The bagels were put in the toaster oven until the cheese started to bubble and get a little toasted on the edges. The bagel became both soft and crunchy and the combination of butter, tomato, tuna salad and cheese would just melt in your mouth!

  122. “What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for you?”
    Macaroni and cheese (sadly, the boxed kind) with hot dogs (now, as an adult, those would be made of tofu). Total comfort food, total childhood treat.

  123. When asked about my favorite childhood memory of food, I am instantly zapped back to summer time and growing up in Texas. My mom would make honey sandwiches for me and a girlfriend across the street. It was that simple: honey on some white bread-YUM. Because it was so messy, I distinctly recall having to stand out on the porch in the summer heat and lean forward so the honey fell on the ground, all the while my girlfriend and I would just giggle at the mess. I loved those honey sandwiches and think about them often. I’m hoping to pass on the tradition to my Niece.

  124. My favorite memory, of all the meals my Mom cooked, is of her homemade noodles. She would mix together and roll out the dough, sprinkling flour as she worked. Then, cutting it up into tiny slices, she would spread her noodles out all over the table in order to allow them to dry. Meanwhile, she would slow-cook beef OR chicken in a savory broth. Once the noodles were sufficiently dry, Mom would add them to the large pot of meat (which was falling apart in tenderness!). Once the noodles were cooked, this concoction could be added to mashed potatoes or eaten as is, served with green beans or peas (or any other green vegetable. UMMMM! Warm, hearty, and delicious! Everyone in our large extended family loved Mom’s homemade noodles! Thank you for allowing me to share.

  125. Ooooo I have two….first Mac and Cheese on cold days with a glass of milk….always warmed me up on those cold days…..another is Pimento Cheese sandwich…but when I was sick in bed…..for some reason I continue to eat that when I am under the weather and that is usually the only time I eat it and it perks me up thinking of my childhood in that way 🙂

  126. I remember my favorite and fun past time snack similar to your frills cheese, but with a Hispanic twist. summer days when we were little being in the pool coming out so hungry my mom always made is this wonderful fruit cocktail with a lil orange juice in it so with every spoonful you would have a lil slurp at the end. the perfect cool treat. along with our fruit we had lil Hispanic twist finger foods lol. she would get a corn tortilla add A piece of cheese and ham fold it and put it in the pan to cook till the cheese was melted. yes a quesadilla. An hour later back in the pool. Those were such fun peaceful times being a kid. With mom making lunch. Now times continue with me trying to make healthy snacks. But the fruit cocktail still lives on. So do the quesadillas but with wheat tortillas and turkey

  127. Whenever I am sick, I fix a soft boiled egg and dry toast because that’s what Mom always made for me. I also remember her using left over pie dough to make a sugar/cinnamon crisp snack.

  128. One treat my older brother and I were allowed to cook by ourselves was chocolate pudding from a box of mix. We stirred, knowing we would not be able to wait until it chilled before eating it. When it was ready we added marichino cherries–always more cherries than Mama had in mind. Eating the pudding was mining for the cherries. Now I prefer the light, fluffy pudding at Sweet Tomatoes.

  129. It’s funny you mention Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Definitely a classic and takes me back. And then, of course, there’s peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and mac & cheese. Your mac & cheese is always so good.

    One food memory that always prompts me to make it is my mother’s Chicken & Spaghetti. She would pre-cook the chicken & then continue cooking it until cooked through in spaghetti sauce. It was unrivaled. I think the secret is she always used dark meat & added sugar to the sauce.

    Chicken & Dumplings was always a favorite at grandma’s house. It didn’t even need to be cold outside. It would always warm my heart. I regret she never passed on the recipe.

    Another favorite that I continue every now and again is Breakfast for dinner. Most of the time we don’t have time in the morning to cook breakfast, so fruit and cereal is how we start our days. It’s nice to be able to sit down, chat, and enjoy the bacon, eggs, home fries, and pancakes or biscuits. Something about breakfast brings about a feeling of family & togetherness.

  130. My sister and I loved it when we’d walk home from grade school for lunch to find that Mom had fixed ham sandwiches for us because it often meant she was making chocolate malts to go with them!

  131. I always loved how my mom made mashed potatoes. She always keeps the skins on and adds carrots…mashes them all together and into my tummy it goes. Yummmmy. I make it that way now. Love it! 🙂

  132. One of the best combos for me growing up was chicken and dumplings. No one, and I mean no one can make dumplings like my Momma! She’s still the best at it. It was always warm, comforting and full of love.

  133. One of my favorite lunches that my mom would make me was cream cheese and grape jelly sandwiches. They were so creamy….yum!!!

  134. Ahh… I remember it like it was yesterday. I would be sitting in our living room on the couch watching whatever Pops had on TV. A whiff of cheesy wonders would fill the air… And at that moment, I knew it was going to be a good night. 3 simple words. Mac n’ cheese. Pops always made them the best. It was extremely cheesy and gooey and rich and savory… And the way he made it was different from everyone else… the Mac n’ cheese was swimming in it’s own magnificent cheese broth. It was the best thing in the world. Pops would also serve it along side a grilled cheese and some tomato soup, or if it was a special occasion, a slab of his famous steak and tots. The only place that has ever come CLOSE to making it the way Pops did is at Sweet Tomatoes of course, with the Mac n’ cheese swimming in that pool of cheese that takes my taste buds on a journey. That is why I come so much, Sweet Tomatoes never fails to make me feel like a kid again, eating my Pop’s Mac n’ Cheese. 🙂

  135. As kids we used to love Tuesday nights. Dad worked a swing shift for the railroad and on Tuesday he wasn’t home for dinner. Mom would fix us all kinds of things that dad wouldn’t approve of. Sometimes we were test subjects for a new meal idea but mostly we got to choose the entree. I remember pancakes and sausages and French Toast were popular entree items. Things like grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburger/hot dogs made their appearance as well, but I really liked the dinner plate sized pancakes. Sometimes I make pancakes for my dinner these days… takes me back a bit.

  136. Grilled cheese were a personal favorite of mine along with yummy cheese pizza!! Ice cream and cookies…yummmmmmmm

  137. The food combo that conjures up great childhood memories for me was when my mom made fried bologna and eggs and rice for lunch!! Sounds wierd, but oh sooo good. My children like it too.

  138. My mom was always so wonderful and made sure that I had plenty of snacks for not only me, but all my neighborhood friends. One favorite that always stands out in my memory is her homemade tortillas that she would cut into fours and put crunchy peanut butter and bananas on. It was a tasty and feeling snack that would give me the energy to play outside all day long.

  139. What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for you? American Chop Suey and salad. We had it all the time when I was a kid. I don’t eat it alot now but when I do it reminds me of my childhood.

  140. My mom would make me a sandwich which I affectionately called my mommy sandwich – cream cheese, plain omelette, tomato slices, sliced green olives, and garlic powder. Yum!

  141. I remember the delish smell of Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese, the wonderful fulfilling feeling I experienced as I ate the delicious food!!

  142. I lived close enough to my elementary school to come home for lunch, which was almost always hot soup and a sandwich. My favorite combo was a really thick green pea soup and a meatloaf sandwich.

  143. The meal I looked forward to growing up was my mom’s yummy fried chicken and mac n cheese piping hot out of the oven. We also had veggies with it, but what kid likes veggies? We never really ate as a family at the table. Everyone just ate when they were ready, but on fried chicken and mac n cheese night, the whole family was reunited at the table waiting for our dinner. Good times 🙂

  144. Food is tied to so many of my memories of the past. I would have to say my favorite food combination that brings the most memories, would be my Grandma’s beans and cornbread. She makes them like none other and I love all the fond memories that go with the tastes and smells.

  145. My best childhood meal was kind of unusual… On our birthdays, we were allowed to pick anything we wanted for dinner. Every year I picked the same dish – potatoes, leeks and cows tongue with caper sauce. Seriously. That was my all time fav.

  146. When I was a kid, some of my favorites were hot dogs with macaroni and cheese, soup and grilled cheese, and pizza bread. Chocolate chip cookies were, of course, my favorite desert but they didn’t last too long as I have 7 brothers and sisters. Mom just couldn’t bake them quick enough. She would occassionally put some in the freezer so I learned to enjoy them frozen as well.

  147. Good ‘ole banana pudding makes me feel like a kid again. With fresh bananas and crisp Nilla Wafers all throughout, definitely brings back sweet memories!

    The food combo that conjures up great childhood memories for me is homemade Beef Chili with Macaroni and fresh-baked homemade White Bread (still warm from the oven)! My Mom worked full time during the week; but early Saturday morning, she would be up making bread for our family of seven to have during the week. (We never had store-bought bread.) For another yummy treat, she would also make Cinnamon Rolls for our Sunday breakfast before we went to church.
    Wow! I still can taste these wonderful homemade treats right now, just by writing about them in this blog! Thank you, Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes for allowing me to bring these memories back to me!

  149. Homemade potato pancakes, breakfast sausage and applesauce or tuna noodle casserole with crushed pottato chip top makes me feeli like a kid again.

  150. One of my favorite childhood memories was when my grandma and grandpa watched sister and I. My grandma was the best at making grilled cheese but on rye bread. I can still taste it and try to do it like she did now but it never turns out the same way. I guess it just needed grandmas touch!

  151. When my mom used to make those pent butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches, man I’d always be looking forward to lunch! Except when my friends would try to steal it.

  152. My best memories of food when I was a kid was when all my Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins came to our house on Sunday afternoons after church. (Also Grandma & Grandpa and some Great Aunts too) Everyone would bring a dish to share, and there were some great cooks in my family. Us kids would play games in the backyard, and well after dark we would be outside catching fireflys. Then they would bring out the leftovers and we would eat again. Now that I am retired, I have tried to do more cooking like my mother and grandmother did. Times are much busier these days and we don’t get together as often, but when we do the food is great and we are all exchanging recipes.

  153. My mom would make us fresh cookies when we little and they were so good hot from the oven. When I got older I started making the cookies myself. I managed to cut a deal with my sister that if I made the cookies, then she’d clean up the mess. She got wise to it eventually and stopped cleaning up for me, but it was nice while it lasted!

  154. As a kid I LOVED grilled peanut butter and bacon sadnwiches, macaroni and cheese and ketchup, and spaghetti with meatballs.

  155. No homemade soup in our house – but Campbell’s Tomato Soup made with milk and eaten with lots of saltine crackers was delicious! One of my favorite lunches as a kid.

  156. The fondest memory is of my grandmother’s homemade ravioli on special ocassions. It took her three days to make the dough, make the filling and put it together. It was inhaled by the family gathered around the big holiday table in 20 minutes!!! It was so delicious. Nothing I have had anywhere else has ever compared, maybe because it doesn’t have her love stuffed inside.

  157. EAT LIKE A KID….. As sais in another post, we routinely load up a truck load of neighborhood kids and head out to Soup Plantation. The kids sit at their own table and they truly enjoy their own space and time with their friends. We sit close and enjoy the smiles! The best part is watching the making of their ice cream….tells a lot about the individual kids as some come back with the perfectly made swirled cone while others come back with ice cream dripping off the sides with sprinkles and chocolate sauce. We love our nights at Soup Plantation and obviously so do the kiddos!!!! 🙂

  158. Growing up I remember wanting mashed potatoes and corn for every meal. Didn’t care what else went with it just mashed potatoes and corn. Yum I think I might make this for lunch lol!

  159. I remember like it was yesterday (when in fact it was in the 1960’s!) running home from school at lunchtime to my Mom and a bowl of warm Tomato soup and sandwich sitting waiting for me on a tray table in front of the family TV. There was a children’s show on TV every day at noon called “Lunch with Soupy” where a crazy character named “Soupy Sales” would play cartoons, and dance and play with other crazy characters for that special 1/2 hr. while we ate our soup. Running back to school, my day was always better by the warm soup, and “Soupy Sales”! I love how my Sweet Tomatoes always has warm soup…now if they had “Soupy Sales”…..!

  160. My daughter and I just made one of my favorite childhood combos for breakfast. Hot cinnamon toast and a tall glass of cold milk. YUM!

  161. Baked potatoes and clam chowder – now those are fond memories! My mom and dad used to create spectacular meals together, but the ones I remember as most delicious were creamy, clam chowder and piping hot baked potatoes with sour cream and melted cheese. Back then I didn’t have to worry about calories or fat content so I ate with abandon! Now, when I visit Sweet Tomatoes, I look forward to small samplings of my childhood favorites!

  162. sweet potatoe casseole with lots of baked marshmallows and macaroni and cheese!!! weird combo i know… but my childhood favorites (and still are!)

  163. My heart-warming, salavating, childhood memory is of a Norwegian dish called komla. It is a rolled ground potato/oatmeal/flour combination boiled in ham broth and then eaten with lots of butter. My husband refers to it as eating tennis balls. However, he became an adult convert. I think it was the butter that convinced him it is gourmet worthy.

  164. Whenever I eat meatloaf and mashed potatoes I am transported back in time to Sunday dinner when I was a kid. I still can’t get my meatloaf to taste as good as Mom’s did back then. BTW……..she made the best apple pie I have EVER tasted.

  165. I would have to say that my favorite childhood “food memory” is when my mom would make what she called “crafty crescent pizza”. It was so yummy and gooey. I guess it was very involed to make, so I was so excited when she made it.

  166. My favorite childhood memory is waking up on Saturday morning to donuts from Mister Donut and a glass of extra chocolatey milk. We didn’t have much growing up but we never felt deprived. My dad owned a hot dog truck and at the end of his night he would trade hot dogs and what not with willing workers at Mister Donut for his childrens favorite morning breakfast. When we woke up and saw those boxes sitting on the table we just knew it was going to be a great day…..

  167. Although tomato soup and grilled cheese were also favorites, one of my others was homemade waffles with a ham gravy or maple syrup. Yum!

  168. Homemade chicken pot pie was my favorite childhood meal. I loved the smell as it was cooking and really enjoyed eating it!

  169. Yum I remember sitting outside in my backyard and my mom called me to come inside for dinner. I could smell the great grilled cheese sandwich. My favorite lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich when I was 6. This was my brother and sisters favorite!!!!

  170. I remember coming home from school on a cold winter day and eating creamy, hot potato soup. It made me feel warm and so glad to be home.

  171. Childhood memories of grandma’s house, were there was always a fresh pot of soup on the stove a combination of left overs from the week. But it seemed whatever was in it it was always good. With warm homemade bread ! Then there was always home made tapioca pudding for dessert. It always had lumps in it– which I loved! When I go to Sweet Tomatoes the smell of the fresh bread and soups brings me back to my grandmothers kitchen. And when they have tapioca pudding its always an extra treat!

  172. The very best food memory for me was from my grandfather, who did 25 years in the navy as a cook. He would make homemade soup and homemade cornbread.
    He was the one who looked after me when my parents were at work. Every time he would cook that combo up, I would be stuck to our kitchen chair, watching and waiting for the heavenly meal. Now when my wife and I eat at Soup Plantation, that combo is the very first thing I get after my salad. It brings my right back to being a kid again. What a great set of memories.

  173. OK, explaining the rules already answered the question. A bowl on Tomato soup, and gooey grilled cheese sandwich, broken up into the soup acting like crackers. OK, now I’m hungry for that at lunch….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  174. When I think of the best dinner meal at the family table, I think of seasoned crispy chicken and smooth and creamy mashed potatoes my mom made! That meal takes me back to my childhood!

  175. I remember my mom use to pack up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we’d get in the car and go to the beach all the time. When it was time for lunch, we’d pull our sandwiches out and they were all mushy but we ate them anyway. As a kid, it didn’t bother me. Every once in a while, I’ll make us all a PB&J sandwich, but it has to be on white bread and not toasted, just the way my mom made them.

    I also remember whenever I was sick, my mom made me drink ginger ale. To this day, I cannot drink ginger ale without tasting the vomiting taste. LOL

  176. My Favorite childhoo memory was new year’s eve. Mom would make a light meal for dinner…ususally homemade mushroom soup. Then, she would put out party food and we would snack all night on spreads, appetizers, juices, chips. It was a party every year.

  177. Wow- so many nostalgic food choices. I will go with gingerbread made from scratch, and topped with a secret-recipe egg sauce. But whipped cream works too.

  178. Comfort food from my past were: Pasta Fagioli soup with baked parmasean cheese
    Deep fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwhiches
    Make your own Banana Splits
    Breakfast for Dinner
    Build Your own Burger
    Chicken Pot Pie
    Rigotta Pie
    Svinge-Fried Dough
    Cheeseburger Soup
    Crusty Poundcake With Fresh Fruit
    Baked Candy Bar Surprise with Ice Cream
    Baked French Onion Soup
    Fresh Baked Italian Bread

  179. Growing up on a a farm, mom would make crazy good chili with cornbread baked in a cast-iron frypan…..yum!! My sister still has that frypan, LOL!!

  180. My favorite food combination was always simple: chocolate chip cookies and milk. Makes me feel like I’m about 3 years old again every time I have them!

  181. My favorite food childhood memory is mac and cheese. It was creamy and cheesey, baked in the over with crispy buttery breadcrumbs on top! A variety of additions would keep us guessing. Sometimes tomatoes, bacon bits or ham, broccoli or green peppers–whatever was in the frig could be an added taste and nutritional bonus!

  182. When I was a kid, I loved mushroom soup and crackers. If I felt “under the weather” or just needing a yummy treat, that was my pick. It is still my favorite and the mushroom soup you make is the best with big chunks of mushrooms (not the tiny minced stuff) and a wonderful, creamy base to make it absolutely delish! I love all the warm, homemade breads you have, too, to make it a meal. Well, now I am hungry. Looks like I better stop for lunch today and get some good soup and bread. Yuuuummmmm!

  183. One of my favorites that my mom made for us was her fresh strawberry cake. There were strawberries in both the cake and the frosting. It was so moist and yummy. To top it off, she would bake it in heart shaped pans (especially for Valentines day). Pink, heart shaped, and sweet…..what little girl could resist?

  184. What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for me? Donuts and milk. My grandmother made her own donuts and one of my most fond memories of her is when she would make them. After she rolled out the dough and cut them out using the juice glass with the oranges on it (anyone born in the 60’s will remember that glass), she would line them up on the inside of her arm to carry them to the oil on the stove. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  185. Mac and cheese with hot dogs… there is nothing more childhood to me than that wonderful, warm and gooey combo! Yum!

  186. My favorite will seem rather yucky to most readers. Many decades ago–before salmonella made raw eggs a tabo–my mother would take a raw egg, beat it, mix in crushed graham crackers and top with brown sugar. That was a real treat.

  187. Sweet Tomato’s Chicken Noodle Soup is my favorite! I find this rather odd, as I am not particularly fond of soup. But Sweet Tomato’s has these fantastic thick noodles – kind of mix between matzoh and noodles. Also, the pieces of chicken are huge; not little pieces like I’m used to in other soups. The broth is great; not too salty. Sweet Tomato’s Chicken Noodle Soup – not all like Mother used to make (she used Liptons!).

  188. I like the hot soups and crusty breads that are so yummy. The variety of hot soups warm my palate amd provide such comfort in the hurried world.

  189. For me, spaghetti with meatballs brings back the good old days! Many times my mom’s sister and her family would stop by and after a couple of hours of running around outside with my cousins, playing hide-and-seek all over the neighborhood, we would come in to the house and to find our moms talking over a huge pot of steaming spaghetti and stirring another one full of rich thick tomato sauce full of large spicy meatballs that my mom would always make ahead of time. I liked the ones that were just a little bit too cooked! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the garlic bread would come out of the oven and put the final touches on a kitchen filled with family and good food!

  190. One of my favorite childhood meals is rice with milk and sugar. My mom would boil white rice, and when it was prepared, serve it with brown sugar and milk on top. Such a simple combination but it really warms the heart and makes life just a little bit sweeter!

  191. Reminds me of warm lentil vegetable soup and tomato rice that mom made to make us happy on days when it rains prevents you from playing outside.

  192. My grandpa used to grow all kinds of food at his home. When I was visited, he taught me to just eat avocados straight by salting them and scooping out the flesh to eat. He also made hot lemonade for me and I loved to drink that.

  193. My favorite thing my mom made growing up was fried bologna sandwhiches. Doesn’t sound like much, but we had a little tradition. She would let me poke the bologna with a fork and flip it over. I just thought that was the funniest thing. We could laugh as the center of the bologna would rise. Silly I know. 🙂

    I now make them for my kids and let them flip it over as the center rises. They love it! RIP Momma….your special tradition continues.

  194. My favorite memory of a food I had as kid were the “candles” we made at Thanksgiving or Christmas – 1/2 a banana in the middle of a slice of pineapple on a leaf of lettuce with a cherry on top of the banana (mayo was used as the “glue” to keep the cherry on top).

  195. My mom would have ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwiches ready for us when we came home from school. She would cut them into strips so they were easy to dunk in our tomato soup, which she put into a mug which would make it extra fun.

  196. Any kind of sugary cereal – brings back wonderful childhood memories of hours spent watching cartoons on Saturday mornings! They sure don’t make cartoons like they used to…. 😉

  197. Home made chicken noodle soup and warm bread rolls with butter…mmm, grandma always knew how to make me feel loved.

  198. My dad used to make the most delicious split pea soup – on those fall days when it is starting to get cold but you can still play outside in a sweatshirt and then head in to watch the football game with a big bowl of split pea soup and some bread.

  199. My favorite was my moms famous potato salad, made with fresh pickles, celery, eggs, pimentos, and fresh green onions. Yummy….

  200. I was not able to locate a place to enter my Childhood Memories favorite food.

    So, hope this will work.
    My mother did all the baking for our family of 10. She made a Cheesecake Kuchen with our cottage cheese she made, with raisins,– also, a stuffed Pugac (pizza like) that had left over mashed potatoes,prunes, or cooked cabbage with onions and fresh butter . This is a favorite with my grandchildren now.

    Elizabeth Ponzetti

  201. I feel like a kid again when I go to Souplantation and eat the apple crisp with vanilla frozen yogurt on top “before” I eat my salad and soup! Yummmmmmm! Love it!

  202. A brownie topped with vanilla/chocolate swirl frozen yogurt, chocolate syrup and sprinkles makes me feel like a kid again! I make up that combination every time I visit Sweet Tomatoes.

  203. My mom is from England and when she came to America, she couldn’t find the same English sauce that they put on rice, so she substituted with the closest thing she could find, grape jelly! So as kids, we would eat our rice with grape jelly, which looked really cool because it turned purple and tasted like candy! Whenever we tell people we eat jelly on our rice, they look at us kind of strange!

  204. I remember making hot dumplings and homemade chicken noodle soup with my mom. THere was something so magical about mixing together a bit of flour & eggs, then spooning out hot, fluffy dumplings to add to the soup. mmmmm…….I could go for a bowl of it now!

  205. Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup, made with milk, not with water. Not grilled cheese though – oyster crackers and lots of them! I would cover all the exposed areas of the soup and replenish as the layer of crackers was consumed. In retrospect, the tomato soup at Sweet Tomatoes tastes much better!

  206. As silly as it sounds, for special mornings my mom would make marshmallow crackers for breakfast (marshmallows on top of saltine crackers and broiled til they brown). Even now when I’m not feeling the best or need a pick-me-up I can make those crackers, enjoy the gooey marshmallows and saltiness of the crackers and feel like a kid again. 🙂

  207. I have great memories of delicious homemade Chicken Soup, thick with tons of noodles, with big chunks of carrots and parsnips. That was always served with fresh, crusty bread thick with butter. Wonderful Lamb Stew made with orange juice, that simmered on the stove for hours. For really special occasions, a rare Roast Beef and gravy with small, new potatoes “roasted/fried” in the oven in fat (not oil) until they were crusty. How about a sweet Pot Roast with tons of potatoes and carrots, that cooked for hours until the beef was falling apart, with lots of crusty, buttered bread to sop up that thick gravy.. Not to mention the leftover pot roast sandwiches that you took to school for lunch for the next couple of days. Ice Cream was the favorite dessert, and still is! Family time was in the kitchen and at the dinner table years ago…

  208. As a kid I remember a wonderful Lentil soup with carrots, onions & celery and warm apple strudl for dessert (my mom was german!).

  209. A steaming mug of Hot Cocoa with a dollop of whipped cream, buttered toast sprinkled with a little bit of brown sugar makes me feel like i’m 10 years old and back in mum’s kitchen!

  210. When we lived in Ohio I remember walking home for lunch during the winter and my mom would have a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup and a hot grilled cheese sandwich for me. I would sit and watch a cartoon while eating and then walk back to school.

  211. My favorite memories come with the tomato soup and any sort of macaroni combo.. When we were younger food with 5 children was slim and always comfort because comfort was affordable.We laughed , argued and just plain had a great time at dinner time all of us and for us we were lucky enough to have a mommy and a daddy……..the best memory of all this is the family together eating and enjoying each other. What a great time it was….Ok going to tweet and post on the blog lucky everyone

  212. Tuna salad sandwich, cut into 4 triangles, with the crust cut off, toasted, with macaroni salad, potato chips and lemonade all served by the pool on a warm summers day! (vegetarian now so no tuna, but it was a good childhood meal!)

  213. My favorite childhood memory is mom baking toll house chocolate chip cookies! The whole house would smell like heaven for hours 🙂

  214. Spaghetti and meatballs. My mother would make it every couple of weeks and my brother and I looked forward to having it all the time.

  215. My mom made a macaroni and meat casserole made with tomatoe soup. It’s the only thing I ever wanted to eat! Yummy!

  216. The smell of fresh bread just out of the oven brings back one of my favorite childhood memories of coming home from school once a week to find my mom in the middle of bread baking day! Add some homemade strawberry jam to that steaming bread and heaven was on earth! That combination still warms my heart!

  217. Food combo from childhood, hmm, Eggnoodles and Cottage cheese. My dad ate it growing up and then so did I :). Its pretty good for you and it teast good to!

  218. My grandmothers Quiche recipe reminds me of every cold winter morning that she made it when we lived in Ohio. It’s like I’m really tasting the snow on the ground and looking at my breath in the air.

  219. love your place, need a little more sitting and help maybe. i go for the salad bar, love it .
    need a little more selection for me main hot food, don’t need meat, but the kids could use maybe hot dogs sliced with mac and cheese. Sounds good for me also.
    thank you

  220. It is amazing how much we all have in common regarding childhood memories of comfort food and what memories are conjured up by our favorite foods as children. I would have to also say that Campbell’s Tomato Soup was one of those comfort foods. Another one is Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup made from the boxed soup mix. Comfort food made by my grandmother sparks more memories than the commercial foods. Her cabbage borscht and her matzo ball soup and her cooked cabbage with beef short ribs are always conjuring those sweet days of childhood.
    However, over all, I guess it would be the hot tomato soup that made my innards feel great if I was sick or needed some comforting.

  221. My favorite meal growing up was my Mom’s juicy pot roast with sweet pickle juice added to give it an awesome flavor. She served it with her homemade potato salad. Delicious!!

  222. I used to love Hot Tomato Soup withe Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. My Mom also used to make the BEST peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for my step-father, but I used to sneak them off of the kitchen counter while they were still warm!

  223. My mom was the queen of cassaroles when I was growing up. This meant we have many good memories of comfort food. The one dish our friends would ask her to make when they came over (and that we would ask for our birthday dinners) was Tuna Fish Cassarole. The trick was Velveeta cheese and cream of mushroom soup. It was like catnip for all of us under 12!

  224. The food combo that i most remember from childhood is hamburgers, crinkle cut fries, and apple sauce. That was almost a weekly event in our house.

  225. My favorite meal was grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, potatoes chips on the side, and a bowl of tomato soup. Even as an adult, it continues to be one of my favorites.

  226. Hi.
    We lived in Massachussettes when I was a child growing up.
    I remember getting off the school bus on those cold days and running up the driveway with my sister to where my Mother had grilled cheese nothing fancy just white bread and cheese grilled to perfection and tomato soup. It was so good.
    Other days we would come home with friends and she would have spaghetti ready and waiting for us, with homemade whoopie pies.
    Wow to be a kid again! Those were the days!!!!

  227. Grilled cheese and baked potatoe soup reminds me of my dear Aunt Louise. I would go to her house in the country ever summer as a child and have the soup n sandwich on a Sunday evening. She is the only one in my family that can make this soup so deliciously..gotta love it!

  228. I loved pouring a bowlful of animal crackers, adding milk, and a spoon… perfect and way more fun than cereal!

  229. One of my favorite foods as a kid was beef stroganoff. My mom makes it with a rich sour cream sauce and wide egg noodles. We didn’t have it very often, but she’d make it on my birthday.

    I’m hungry now!

  230. My mother was a tremendous cook and baker. She canned fruit and kept a garden (largely by necessity). When summer came and she was canning peaches my favorite memory of her food was this simple combination she’d serve for dessert. She would slice fresh peaches, sprinkle them with sugar and put them in the fridge. Then, she’d bake chocolate chip cookies and as she took the cookies out of the oven we’d have cool, sweet peaches with the warm gooey cookies! The taste and texture; the warm and cool – it was wonderful!

  231. I got an e-mail about blogging or twittering you regarding winning 10 free meals in a contest. Some of us don’t blog or twitter. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO ENTER VIA E-MAIL OR PHONE – THE OLD FASHIONED WAY. My favorite childhood food was peanut butter on graham crackers, and a glass of cold milk. THANKS.

  232. The food that most reminds me of my childhood (and makes me feel like a kid again when I have it) is some good ol’ mac & cheese! 🙂

  233. Kelloggs Corn Flakes and Nutella Sandwiches remind me of my childhood. Thanks for the giveaway. We love Sweet Tomatoes. I hope I win.

  234. At the end of the day, nothing beats a bowl of creamy, cheesy Macaroni and Cheese. I love Souplantation’s version–the macaroni is the perfect size for shoveling! 🙂

  235. Meat loaf and mashed potatoes….oh my! Mom could even get us to eat the peas as long as you could hide them in your mashed taters…..

  236. My favorite food combo growing up was Chicken-Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes. No wonder I was a chubby kid!!

  237. When I was younger I remember waking up to the delicious smell of homemade flour tortillas and scrambled eggs with ham. My mom was born and raised in Mexico and had to make breakfast each morning from the age of 8 for about 13 people in her home, so anytime she cooks, she makes a huge amount. Every time I’d get closer to the kitchen table that mound of flour tortillas seemed to get bigger and bigger! I loved making breakfast tacos with those delicious flour tortillas, or sometimes just even eating them by themselves. Now that I’m all grown up and moved out of the house my mom will still invite me over for breakfast, and even though I can make the flour tortillas myself, they never taste as good as when my mom makes them for me 🙂

  238. Yum, I remember delicious Baked Chicken and Mashed Potatoes, one of my moms specialties! But I was always the sandwich maker in the house- my little brother says I made the best PB&J because I spread the Peanut Butter right out to the edges of the bread!

  239. Thick beef stew with carrots, potatoes and onions served with piping hot home made biscuits! Ummmmm……. 🙂

  240. My Mom used to make meat loaf and “frost” it with mashed potatoes, so it looked like cake when she sliced it. She still makes it for her granddaughter, who loves it as much as my brother and I did when we were kids.

  241. What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for you?

    Answer: A bowl of yummy chili makes me think of my childhood (along with some oyster crackers)!

  242. My all time favorite would have to be macaroni and cheese with crushed potato chips on the top. Not the boxed kind. That’s OK but I’m talking about the real deal. Lots and lots of cheese. The edges of the pan and the potato chips get browned and crunchy. Yum yum.

  243. There are so many memories of good food from my Mom. Grilled cheese – she made the best – the cheese oozed out of all sides. I haven’t had a grilled cheese sandwich since she passed 8 years ago b/c I can’t make it like she did. My Mom also made awesome peach cobbler. She’d make that for me for my birthday instead of cake b/c she knew I loved it so much. She also made these wonderful 3-layer chocolate cakes. They were so good and so decadent. Everything she made was always so good b/c she put so much love into everything she fixed.

  244. We only lived 1 block from my elementary school, so on every rainy day I would walk home from school at lunch time and my mom would make the best cream of potatoe soup with grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. It was the best childhood memory, so when I had my own family, I would make this for dinner on rainy days.

  245. My Mom would make pudding on the stove and then pour it into those old fashioned, glass sundae cups. She would make the dessert with one layer of pudding and then one layer of cool whip. She would put it in the refrigerator to cool and we would have to see it all day knowing that we would have to wait until after dinner to get it. We would eat dinner so fast so we could run to get our special dessert out of the refrigerator. Eatting out of those glasses and Mom making a special one for each of us was a very special treat after dinner when we were kids. I think we felt like special royalty eatting out of those special glasses. Dessert never tasted so good when we were kids.

  246. My Mom used to make Creamy bacon and Potato soup with grilled ham and cheese sandwiches on cold winter days. It was my favorite! I use to make it for my daughters, and they loved it! So, when we have a cold day, I’ll make it and it brings back all kinds of memories from my childhood to my children’s childhood.

  247. My favorites as a kid were:
    grilled cheese with tomato soup
    fried zucchini
    triple fudge brownies
    peppermint hot chocolate

  248. Sunday morning breakfasts were Dad’s specialty. My favorite was “Dried Beef, Grits and Gravy” His secret ingredient in his white gravy was Worcestershire sauce. Yummy for the Tummy!

  249. With two adults and 6 children to feed, my mother had to make money stretch. On soup and salad night if you wanted seconds, you had to eat the first serving fast and furious to ensure you were first for seconds. At Sweet Tomates, seconds and thirds are always available, so you can eat at your own pace and savor the taste.

  250. Growing up in Virginia my family had a large garden in the backyard. Tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, cabbage, corn, etc…. were all grown. Throughout the summer my mother would can the extra vegetables that were not consumed at dinner. So, not only were summer dinners fresh, organic, and delicious but winter ones were as well. One of my favorite dinners that mom would make would be fried summer squash & stewed tomato casserole. I loved Sunday’s when my brother and I would come in from an afternoon of playing to the smells of Sunday dinner being prepared. Still to this day whenever I smell cooked tomatoes I’m taken back to the mountains of Virginia and I’m 8 years old again.

  251. You could say that Mom wasn’t the world’s greatest cook, so eating out at a restaurant was a real treat for us kids. Only in those days, we didn’t have much choice in what we could have. Nowadays, with Sweet Tomatoes’ abundant offerings, EVERY kid out for dinner has a big variety of healthy and appealing foods. It’s great for the kids and it’s great for the parents!

  252. When I was a kid I loved peanut butter and mayo sandwiches with cooked spinach. sounds very gross but I love it at the time.

  253. Wow, I’m the first commenter in this contest? That’s amazing. ^_^ I love Sweet Tomatoes!

    I remember for a long time, for almost every birthday, my family would have a big, treat-filled breakfast of fruit salad (didn’t matter what fruit was in it, though I love strawberries, mango, and grapes the best), pancakes, croissants, and my mom’s special strawberry ice-cream (she makes it with no dairy and no sugar. Just put frozen bananas and frozen strawberries in a food processor, throw in nuts if you’re not allergic, and you’ve got my mom’s ice-cream!)

    The perfect way to start off such a special day. ^_^

  254. For every single birthday my mom baked me a homemade angel’s food cake and frosted it with whipped icing made from fresh strawberries. Just thinking about it makes me smile!

  255. I am not exactly sure how to enter. Is it by posting through a comment? My favorite childhood dish was cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham. My mom is still alive and well at 97. Perhaps she will share her recipe with you.

  256. My sweetest childhood memory is waking up to my grandma gleefully cooking Saturday morning breakfast. The soft sizzle of the toasty pancakes got me dancing my way out of bed. I filled my lungs with the mesmerizing aroma of the fresh-made strawberry jam. My grandmother is a doll, and she always put just the right amount of heart-warming cinnamon in every pancake. Lastly, after we held hands and gave thanks for being able to accompany one another in this scrumptious breakfast, my grandmother whipped out the whip cream. Soon our plates looked like a snow-capped mountain. As filling as the breakfast pancakes were, nothing is as fulfilling as seeing my grandma smile, doing what she does best, cooking with love.

  257. Chicken noodle soup and jello were always foods my Mom made me when I was sick and they always make me feel so good!

  258. Taco Night! That is one of my favorite memories. Every Friday night I would help my mom get the fixings ready in the kitchen. She’d cook the hamburger meat and refried beans and cut the tomatoes and I’d grate the cheese and tear the lettuce. Then we’d set everything on the table and the feast would begin. My dad and I loved to compete to see who could eat the most tacos. And yes, though I was only 6 or 7, sometimes I’d win! Did Dad eat more after the leftovers were put in Tupperware containers and stored away in the fridge? I wonder about that sometimes.

  259. The food combo that conjures up childhood memories for me is ribs and corn on the cob. What’s more fun than eating your whole meal with your hands. Ribs were always a special occasion dish because it took my mom hours to prepare. While corn on the cob is just plain fun and delicious.

  260. When I was a kid, the three things I loved were Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup; grilled cheese sandwiches and salad with lots of mayonnaise. As a 25 plus year vegetarian, the soup and grilled cheese are out of the picture as is mayo yet, my childish tastes have expanded to enjoy a cornucopia of other fun foods and we LOVE the choices of our Souplantation ~ my husband being a carnivore. We both get to eat!


  261. My favorite comfort food meal was and still is country fries with onions with a steaing bowl of 15-bean soup and cornbread.

  262. My favorite meat when I was a kid was spaghetti! My mom would make a salad with homemade vinaigrette, spaghetti with meat sauce and the best treat: garlic bread!

  263. My mother made the most delicious potato soup. We always got it when we were ill. In fact, getting sick was not at all bad at our house, because we knew we would get Mother’s potato soup. It was our “potato soup for the body & soul.” How I miss it now!

  264. When I was young, my mother did not offer a lot of variety at dinner, but she did not some very good dishes. Although they weren’t necessarily meant to go together, there was nothing better than when my mother made goulash (macaroni, tomatoes, and ground beef) along with her German chocolate cake topped with a thick fudge icing. It just couldn’t have been any better.

  265. Food has always been a centerpiece of good memories for me growing up, but i think breakfast still stands out as one of my favorites and this memory in particular.
    I must have been 7 or 8 and I remember my mom bringing home a couple of young sailors late one night (morning?) when we lived in San Diego and she made them breakfast. I awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and potatoes cooking on the stove. I joined them and we chatted about their ship (the USS Kitty Hawk I believe) and feasted on what has become even to this day my favorite meal. We then piled into the car and took them back to the Naval base driving over the Cornado Bay Bridge as the sun was coming up and seeing those large ships anchored all around. It was a great morning for a young man like myself!
    Anytime, anywhere will i eat that sort of breakfast and I never fail to recall that meemory as well as many others surrounding breakfast, and food in general.
    Now even my 11 year old, Zak loves that breakfast meal with me!
    Heres to good food memories!!!

  266. When I think back to my childhood, the fondest memory I have is that of my mom making chili. It usually followed a cold winter day, when we couldn’t really go outside. I’d help Mom in the kitchen, throwing spices into that big pot, and stirring as well as I could (considering I was a head shorter than the top of the pot). Now whenever I make chili, those memories stir up for me. I hope to pass along the same feeling to my son. Family, friends, and good ingredients can go much further than any superficial gift.

  267. Mmmm…what memories this contest brings back! I remember not being fond of veggies as a kid, but my dad found creative ways to get me to eat them. One of the best was letting me eat my peas with a butter knife. The concentration it took to coax those emerald green spheres onto my knife made me forget I was eating something good for me!

    It wasn’t until we planted a garden together, that I started enjoying veggies. Pulling a bright orange carrot straight from the earth, washing it off under the hose, and enjoying it’s sweet crunchy goodness was one of the most memorable things of those few summers.

    Another memory I have is my dad having hot chocolate with marshmallows ready for me when I got off the bus when it was raining. He would meet me at the bus stop and we would walk home together and he would have hot chocolate ready for me. Yummy!

  268. A favorite combo of mine is Corn chowder and cornbread. LOVE IT!!!! Also spaghetti and meatballs and then a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream! You’ve got it all at Souplantation so our family loves to go there.

  269. On the weekends my father would always make delicious breakfast from scratch. I would wake up smelling homemade pancakes with pure maple syrup, or my other favorite: homemade biscuits with warm butter and fruit spread. The whole home would smell delicious, especially if he cooked bacon to go with it! 🙂 My nose was an alarm clock on the weekends, always waking me up in time for those delicious meals!

  270. Mine would have to be breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs, sausage, applesauce and OJ. Although another would be tacos. My poor mother trying to get tacos on the table for 8 people. Of course with 8 people she had to be pretty thrifty which meant frying your own taco shells. She never ate with us on taco or waffle night.

  271. My grandma would make a tea party for me when I was little. She made cute little tea sandwiches and nice hot flavored tea. We would get all dressed up in a fancy dresses. She always used the nice china. She’d cut the finger sandwiches in triangles. They were simple sandwiches like chicken salad, ham/cheese and turkey/cheese… They were great when paired up with the hot tea. She’d have an assortment of flavored teas that we’d choose from. I always chose the sweet, berry or fruity flavored ones. It was a great childhood memory. I’d love to keep that tradition going when I have grandchildren one day.

  272. I feel like a child again when I bite into a creamy peanut butter and jelly sandwich accompanied by a tall glass of cold milk. I have fond memories of my mother making me these sandwiches with layers of peanut butter on each slice a bread. She’d allow me to squeeze jelly atop each slice before I finally closed the slices together and indulged in the consumption of my yummy treat. The cold milk was what I used to wash it all down and top off my stomach. It was the best thing then and still is!!!

  273. Mine is sort of strange. The greatest meal memory of food is getting the chance to eat torn up bread and milk in our “silver” cups. Let me explain….As a kid we were extremely poor. When there wasn’t any other food our “silver” cups with glass bottoms would be put on the table on small dishes along with our silverware. There was also a pitcher of milk, a basket of bread and the salt and pepper. My dad would come to the table and as he was tearing his bread up into small pieces he would say “Oh look we get to have bread and milk tonight for dinner” aren’t we lucky? No one ever questioned him that we were indeeed the luckiest people in the neighborhood.

  274. I grew up loving my mother’s homemade foods. Chili and tamales were my particular favorite. I remember eating almost the whole pot of chili. Of course there was homemade mac and cheese with real shredded cheddar, monteray, and mozzarella cheese. On occasion we had mini pizza bites, the size of mini wheat cereal; breaded pizza sauce and cheese. Sometimes they would be made with mini bagels or triscuts. The dessert I drooled over was the mini cheesecakes; Vanilla wafers were placed in a muffin pan for the crust, filled over with cheesecake batter, then topped of with a dollop of jam or jelly, and baked. Oh how this makes me want to travel back in time. And the funnest part was helping my mom make it all; I treasure our family times!

  275. When I was growing up we made a special family cookie every Christmas… I remember that is when my mom and dad both worked together to bake these cookies. My sister and I were the “helpers” and we got to fill each one and as soon as they came out of the oven we had to be the taste testers! These little cookies were the highlight of my holidays and a gift that everyone in the family would honestly fight over. I am glad my mom and dad have passed this tradition down to my sister and I. We come together during the holidays to make the Koliche cookie and well we have even made them in the summer just so we have a secret batch hidden :D…

  276. My favorite as a kid? PB&J sandwiches hands down! I had a habit of eating right down the middle of my sandwiches so that I would end up with “two halves” of sandwich. Of course, I would always end up with PB&J spread from ear to ear. My poor mom (being the brilliant woman that she is) tried to avoid this mess by cutting my sandwich in half right from the start. I liked that a lot! Did it help? Nope. I just ate down the middle of the halves so that I ended up with “four halves” instead of two!

  277. One of my favorite childhood food combinations is hot, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk. We grew up very poor, but when we could afford the ingredients, Mom would have us invite our friends over for a cookie baking party. We would mix and munch and laugh and talk, hanging over the dining room table. We couldn’t wait for the cookies to be done, burning our fingers and tongues on the still too-hot chocolate and cooling them with the ice-cold milk. Food and friendship: the best combination in the world!

  278. There are many foods that remind me of childhood, but by far my favorite is opening my lunch sack and finding a great peanut butter and grape jelly sandwhich to eat, with the side of milk. I may grow up- but that will always remain one of my favorite sandwhiches!

  279. Favorite meal growing up with grilled cheese sandwiches cut in squares with vegetable beef soup. On the side I had to have my ketchup for the sandwiches. I would have this everyday for lunch growing up……How I miss those days.

  280. My mother always made our everyday meals and snacks–nothing fancy, but good, healthy, and filling. I was a picky eater, so I didn’t always appreciate it. My father frequently made Sunday breakfasts or barbequed dinner. He tried making pickles in a large crock. I think he was the only one that ended up eating them. I remember licking the spoons and scraping the bowl when my mom baked. She made our bag lunches and we had the same thing everyday–a tuna sandwich on toasted bread and cookies. We bought milk at school. Life was simpler then–not as many choices.

  281. It’s difficult to pick a combination, but I think I’ll go with snails and eggs.
    …Hear me out.
    My family used to live in Korea when my dad was in the Army. I was between the ages of 5 and 7 during our tour there. My mom is Korean, and she used to take us to big bustling markets and to the beach every now and then – if we weren’t visiting relatives. A couple of “treats” we would get from food stands at the beach, and sometimes the markets, included small steamed sea snails and turtle eggs boiled in some sort of sauce. They remind me of the warm times in Korea, times spent with my mom, and how awesome it is to eat what others would consider “weird food.” LoL.

  282. Your wonderful chicken noodle soup reminds me of when I was little and needed some extra comfort when I was sick or just sad, my mom always had the cure with some delicious homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade bread–there’s nothing that makes you feel better inside and out than a bowl of mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup–great memories 😀

  283. I am from the South, and I have fond memories of my mom making cheesy Shrimp and Grits for breakfast. Its a southern tradition for breakfast, and is basically what it says. You have grits, shrimp, and some cheese melted in, and some crumbled up bacon. And its sooo good!!! That would be a great dish for Souplantation to try out sometime, I guarantee it would be a hit!

  284. I wish I could remember the recipe; but growing up, my momma made a yummy avacado and banana fruit salad. My Mom is 80 years old and now and can not remember how she made it. The week before we lost my Brother, he actually asked if I remembered that avacado fruit salad. So I know it was a favorite memory of my brother too.

  285. EAT LIKE A KID blog contest: My favorite memory as a kid would be at Elementary School. I loved the warm chocolate chip cookies. I loved them so much, that I volunteered to help in the kitchen, so that I could get extras!

  286. My favorite childhood combination was what we affectionately referred to as “Gravy Train”, after the popular dog food. My mom topped creamy, steaming hot mashed potatoes with a big ladle full of rich brown gravy mixed with ground beef. She always served it with corn, and I always took my corn and mixed it in with the potatoes and gravy. I loved the taste and the texture of the occasional corn kernels in the “Gravy Train”. I still make “Gravy Train”, and I still mix my corn in with it today! March is one of my favorite months at Souplantation. I’ve already had my fix of creamy tomato soup and toasted cheese foccacia. They are wonderful! Yum!! I CAN’T WAIT for next month, as lemon month is my absolute favorite at Souplantation! The chicken lemon soup is to die for….

  287. I know it’s not very exciting but everytime I see fish sticks in the grocery store I am reminded of my favorite meal that Mom used to serve when I was young. Fish sticks and home made macaroni and cheese. This meal was a big favorite of myself and my four brothers. Mom made her macaroni and cheese from scratch and it was to die for. She would bake it a top it off with toasted bread crumbs on the top. Yum

    Mom is no longer with us but I remember all the great food that she made for myself and my four brothers. She was a great cook.

  288. I remember a frequently enjoyed meal that both my Mom and my Dad had a hand in. Dad would make a big pot of chili, and Mom would make it even better with fritos, cheese and sour cream for frito pie. It gave Dad a chance to cook his specialty, mom got a little break, and we all had some tasty comfort food.

  289. When I would be at my dad’s house, my step-mother would make hot dogs, baked beans, and fried potatoes. My dad lived so close to his work that he would come home for lunch daily (at least while I was there). When she started frying the potatoes, I knew that not only would I soon be having one of my favorite lunches, but that my dad would soon be home.

  290. I always loved chili dogs – a hotdog on a bun with lots of chili with beans, shredded cheese, and finely chopped onion. You have to eat it with fritos – reminding me of another childhood favorite – frito pie!

  291. When I was a child my parents insisted on having a large salad with many ingredients with most dinners. I grew to explore new ways and ingredients to make our salad something out of the ordinary. That is why I appreciate all the different things you can do to a salad at Souplantation.

  292. This is MY time @Souplantation!!! As a child, oh how I enjoyed tomato soup and cheesy grilled cheese sandwiches! So excited to share this with my daughter at ‘her’ favorite place… Souplantation!!!! Thank you 🙂

  293. My Mom made so many yummy dishes! But my FAVORITE one is her Taco Salad and I know that may sound like the plain old taco salad with the big tortilla bowl….but it isn’t! First there is no tortilla bowl at all. It’s just yummy salad with beef thosand island dressing, avacados and you have to have some totilla chips with it! I am 35 and still have her make this for me. I’ve made it but it’s NEVER the same as Mom makes. 🙂 I think that’s why I LOVE salad and Sweet Tomatoes so much…it all came from my Mom and I LOVE her and all of those childhood memories, can’t wait to pass them on to my daughter. 🙂

  294. There are so many foods that conjure up great childhood memories for me like grilled cheese with tomato soup or banana splits, but I think the food that conjures up the best childhood memories for me is chilli and crackers as my mom made the best chilli and everyone always wanted to come over for it.

  295. my mom always used to make sugar cookie dough and me and my brother and sisters always got to use the cookie cutters to make lots of fun shapes! although half of the cookies never made it into the oven because we all loved to snack on the dough while making them! 🙂

  296. My favorite has always been and will always be mac and cheese. 🙂 I could have eaten pounds of the stuff as a kid.

  297. As a youngster growing up in western PA, I always remember the cold, snowy days when we would trudge home from school and sit down to our favorite hot lunch – cream of tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich with LOTS of cheddar cheese, tall glasses of milk and a plate full of fresh-baked peanut butter cookies with the criss/crosses that you make with a dinner fork. My Mom knew what we all loved most and that lunch kept us going the rest of the day as we trudged back to school through all the snow. That’s what I picture in my mind whenever I see a grilled cheese sandwich or a bowl of cream of tomato soup. Good memories!

  298. What I wouldn’t do for my Nana’s homemade Matzo Ball Soup and fresh hand-rolled Blintz!! Oh, those were the days!!

  299. My favorite food combination that reminds me of childhood is crackers with cheese and pickles. It was the after school snack I looked forward to having. Stoned wheat thins, cheddar cheese, dill pickles….. amazing! The other combination was to have crackers with peanut butter and pickles, which is just as tasty!

  300. My favorite childhood food memory was Sunday dinners when Mom made roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy. We were privileged to have the meal of our choice on our Birthdays and I would always ask for the beef dinner – you know “the stringy kind”. Little did I know that “stringy” chuck roast was a favorite of hers as well, because it fed our family of 6 inexpensively and stretched to two meals!

  301. The fondest memory I have of food is good with my Grandmother and Great-Grandma. When I was 10, I was making cookies with my Grandmother and she told me to separate the eggs. I had no idea what that meant so I “separated” the eggs by putting one on one table and one on the other. My grandma really got a kick out of it.

    My great-grandmother was always cooking when I came over to her house and she always asked for my help. This really made me want to cook. I remember making fudge, chocolate chip cookies, and Anna Lee’s apple bread. My great-grandmother never got upset or judged if I measured things incorrectly or ate half of the cookie dough before it got on the pan.

    Even though my great-grandmother and grandmother have passed away, I am let with these memories for the rest of my life. I hope that I can leave an impact on my family as they have left on me.

  302. My favorite childhood meal was steak with mashed potatoes. And I like my mashed potatoes lumpy with a pool of butter melting in the middle.

  303. I loved eating bean soup, when I was little. With a little bit of onion, tomato, cheese and sometimes sour cream, it was extremely delicious and filling. Which was good when it’s a house full of about 4 grandchildren. My mom would make grilled ham and jack cheese sandwiches and a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Those are the two most favorite dishes ever growing up 🙂

  304. I am 27 years old, and to this day, my favorite food combo that conjures up great childhood memories for me is my mom’s after school snack that she made for me and my brother. It was mini pizzas made from store-bought french rolls, part-skim mozzarella cheese, and Prego pasta sauce, that were baked in the microwave oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until the cheese was bubbling and dripping over the tomato sauce onto the baking tray. Can you say yummy in my tummy?

  305. Spaghetti & Meatballs

    Burrito Night- build your own

    Meatloaf & Mashed Potato Soup

    Seafood Chowder

    Velma’s Pepper Steak

    Sausage & Rice Casserole

    Cucumber & Tomato Salad

  306. One thing i remember as a child was my mom making pumpkin pie. But she would put the extra filling in lil custard cups and that was our special treat we would get after they cooled w/ whipped cream on it!

    Also I loved her chicken noodle soup w/ ABC pasta in it!

  307. My mom made the best casseroles and my dad made the best “Sunday dinners” roast, potatoes and gravy (best ever) and cooked grated carrots!

  308. Pizza and cheesy garlic bread bring back fond memories 🙂 .. along with cookies and milk .. those were good times

  309. What takes me back to childhood and is the ultimate comfort food is the classic chicken and noodles.
    Hot, steaming bowl of chicken and noodles!!

  310. I have a few food combinations that conjure up childhood memories. The piping hot and buttery homemade biscuits, grits, and cheesy eggs remind me of my father and summer mornings. Grilled cheese and tomato soup would give me a warm, secure feeling after walking home from school on a wintery Chicago day. Homemade chocolate chip cookies remind me of my mother and her willingness to teach us about baking from scratch. It’s nice to know that I can find some of these things at Sweet Tomatoes. It’s always good to have a taste of home.

  311. Well the things I remember the most is when my mom would make us her delicious “albondiga soup” or Meatball soup. It was delicious on a cold or warm day…My mom had little money, so a pound of ground beef and a few veggies and she made a huge pot. We had our fill with warm home made flour tortillas. To this day when my mom makes that same combination, it takes me back from the adult I am today, to the happy child I was then. Low income naver made me feel less loved, or less advantaged because I knew the food mom made was with love… and it was oh soo yummy. Eating together in my family, are some of the best memories I have to this day.

  312. Do I really have to pick a favorite? Everything is so good. But some of the best are the cheese bread with one of the fabulous soups like tomatoe. Or the herb bread with the pasta with alfredo sauce. Or the corn bread with chili…ARE WE SEEING A THEME HERE! LOVE THE BREAD!!!!!!!


    My favorite childhood food is the fresh baked bread my mother would make twice a month. You see, my mother came from Syria almost 50 years ago when Middle Eastern food was virtually unknown in the United States. She couldn’t get used to the American loaves of bread and couldn’t find her beloved version of pita bread. So she made it herself. She’d start early in the morning and by the time we kids came home from school, the house was bursting with the warm smell of fresh baked bread. My mom’s version of pita is a bread about as large as a small pizza and thick. We would split the bread and slather it with butter, eating two or three loaves between my four brothers and I before we were satisfied and went off to do our homework. My mom still makes that bread, which I haven’t been able to master, and my mouth still waters just thinking about it.

  314. Growing up, I always looked forward to our annaul family summer vacation to visit my grandparents in Oregon. One of my very favorite childhood meals was homemade pot roast with mashed potatoes, gravy, and homegrown green beans. There were no shortcuts taken when my grandma prepared this meal. Everything was so fresh and delicious. It was the ultimate comfort meal. For desert, we enjoyed freshly-picked wild blackberries served with vanilla ice cream.

  315. Spaghetti and garlic bread makes me feel like a kid again. It was my favorite food when I was a kid and it still is.

  316. I remember my mom used to buy the cans of biscuit dough but instead of making biscuits we would roll them into mini donuts. She would also lay out some sugar and once they were ready we would roll them in the sugar. I haven’t had them in years but in my head they were sooo delicious.

  317. Mom made Tuna Noodle Casserole; wide egg noodles in a yummy creamy sauce with tuna and cheese and just the right crunch on top. It became a Halloween tradition because we kids were always too excited for trick-or-treating to eat much dinner before we went out, and this meal was an easy re-heat for when we got back home with our loot! Now my sister-in-law and I continue the tradition with our own kids (though the recipe has evolved to include lots of veggies). Just thinking about it, I can almost feel the excitement of dressing up and hear the autumn leaves crunching underfoot!

  318. As I child, you need it was lent with grilled cheese and tomato soup or fish Fridays. Oh how we had to have tomato soup to dip the grilled cheese into just like peanut butter sandwiches to dip in the chilli. I still have the two combintions together. I think sometimes it is what you grow up on when it comes to taste. My favorite fastfood growing up was spaghetti with chilli and cheese on it, several restaurants in the mid west serve it and it’s called a Three way. Yes, and people from other parts just aren’t too familiar with the term so only mid westerns amoung mid westerns can use term without a snicker.

  319. My grandmothers Macaroni and Cheese was always paired with hot dogs. I have her recipe and still make her mac n cheese.

  320. Beef stew with rice. Large chunks of beef browned, then mixed in with the vegetables and stew, which had a slight curry flavor. Perfect when ladled over rice, and especially on cold Winter evenings.

  321. When I was a kid I used to love eating chicken nuggets and those soft rolls dipped in my mashed potatoes. It sounds strange to some, but it brings me back. Especially when paired with Yoo-hoo 🙂

  322. I loved going to grandma’s and she would fix fried bologna and fried potatoes. Nice and greasy but every time I think of it, I think of my childhood!

  323. My mom’s homemade chili was always my favorite as a kid growing up on Long Island, NY. She would simmer it for hours and the smell would fill the house. It was a warm delicious meal on those cold winter nights!

  324. My most favorite food memory was when my daughter at 6months old tried black bean soup and decided she was a big girl and could use a spoon on her own. Loved seeing her covered in black bean soup from head to toes.

  325. Best comfort foods I loved as a child were Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup made with milk and a bowl of Creamette macaroni with sour cream and cottage cheese. Still is what I use when I’m having a down day and need to pamper myself!

  326. Breakfast for dinner always brought our family around the kitchen table. There is something about “breaking the rules” and that your parents are being a the rebellious ones for a change. Warm chocolate chip pancakes or warm belgium waffles smothered in syrup still are my go to comfort food…anytime of day!

  327. the taste of childhood for me is any casserole. Mom used to make tuna casserole, ground beef casserole, ground lamb, lasagna – you name it. Between the creamy sauces and the tomato sauce-based casseroles, she had quite a collection of dinner recipes to feed us. With 6 kids, she had to find ways to feed a crowd on a budget and casserole dishes were it for her.

  328. For me it’s super nachos when I was a kid and my daughter loves them too! Beans, meat, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and chips! Yummm

  329. My favorite thing that my mom used to make for us as children was her homemade macaroni and cheese. It was so delicious. She is from Africa and is of Boer and English descent and would make us yummy desserts like trifle and Koek Zusters (Cook Sisters), braided donut like pastries. Everytime I think of foods from my childhood those are the things that I remember and now like to cook and share with the people in my life.

  330. For me, it was making blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls on weekend mornings with my mom. And of course, mac and cheese!

  331. My favorite food combo memory is definitely meatloaf and mashed potatoes! Gotta have a little of both in one bite off the fork!

  332. I remember eating warm chicken noodle soups with crackers especially in the winter because we lived in New Jersey and it would be quite cold. Soup always warmed our tummies. Also Ice cream sundaes in the summer. Those are my childhood memories of food that I can have at Sweet Tomatos 🙂

  333. Great Grand Dad had a “Michigan Secret Prohibition” Chili Recipe that has been passed down through the men in our family. My own father recently shared the beloved recipe with me. I would have to say that my favorite memory was not in childhood. It was just last year when my own father graciously bequithed the knowledge to me. It is the first time in almost 100 years where a female in our family tree has actually acquired the information. Let me explain…..It was defintely a highlight in my adult life.

    My great grandfather, Albert Deninger, came from Germany in 1917. He opened a restaurant in Flint, Michigan during the mid-1920’s, and called it “Al’s Diner.” He served up sandwiches, soups and beer. As fate would have it, Prohibition made it illegal to sell alcoholic beverages, so “Al’s Diner” had to become creative to financially survive.

    Grand dad developed a special and secret chili recipe that he would never reveal. Only when he was confined to an old folk’s home did he finally gift the recipe to select , male, family members. To this very day, my father keeps it under lock and key from his five siblings!

    Albert Deninger would always have the chili pot cooking at the diner and would entertain the restaurant guests by playing the piano. People came from far and wide to taste his famous chili. Some family members even told a story where there was some moonshine in the back too. Maybe this was the real treat to Al’s diner! (ha, ha) The realization of grand dad being a bootlegger is a little difficult to accept! Especially since our family is so “religious.”

    Recently, my employer hosted a “moral-boosting” inner-office cooking contest where my co-workers were all asked to bring in a family-made dish with traditional roots. Not only was the request to reproduce the entree, but to write a corresponding essay as well. There were prizes and the bossman wanted to produce a cookbook with all of the contest entries as well. I knew that I had to enlist my father to help me with the contest. Luckily, he agreed.

    We set some time aside to go to the grocery store to acquire the secret ingredients. We picked the highest grade of ground chuck hamburger, soaked the dark red kidney beans, browned an additional pound of spicy pork sausage, selected natural tomato juice, red ripe tomotoes, extra virgin olive oil, several “perfect” onions for dicing, and hit the spice asile with garlic, salt, pepper, chili powder and onion salt. I was trying to memorize all of the ingredients in my head.

    We spent the whole evening cooking together. As jazz music was playing on the background radio, we began browing the hamburger, spicing, respicing, and dicing the onions and tomatoes. My father told me that after it is finished, an important step is to cool the chili, remove it from the refridgerator and take off the think layer of white greese that will form on the top. He told me that I need to cool and re-heat at least 3 to 5 times before serving to guests for the ultimate taste.

    All in all, my father and I experienced a wonderful day together. It was one of those times that I will always remember as “quality” and as a favorie memory.

    By the way, I won the office contest. Everyone voted for me…or should I say “us”….me and my pa. I only won a $25 gift certificate to a grocery store. Ironically, I spent more than that on all of the top-grade ingredients. However, it was a moment in time that I consider priceless. I am so proud to have won the competition.

    Additionally, Chili is high in fiber, low in calories and is good for your body!

  334. cherry tomatos bursting in my mouth were my fav thing … as a kid i loved salads!! … i know its crazy but true

  335. I think the food combo that brings me back to childhood is scrambled eggs and my dad’s “famous” french toast with powdered sugar, syrup, and flower-shaped sprinkles. I always felt like a princess eating that flower-topped french toast and whenever I go back for a visit, I’m sure to request it!

  336. Tuna melts-tuna fish put on bread, sprinkled with cheese and broiled until the cheese is brown- and chicken noodle soup all the way! Plus oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert! Oh the delicious memories 🙂

  337. Grilled Cheese is my favorite kid food! And who doesn’t love homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk!

  338. Finger foods remind me of being a kid! Homemade french fries, corn dogs, fish sticks…my oh my it would be awesome to see a healthy spin on these treats. Maybe baked fries (sweet potato)!!!

  339. Tomato soup with small chunks of cheddar cheese. It is the gluten free tomato soup and grill cheese sandwich. My kids love my Nana’s favorite lunch.

  340. Waffles, topped with ice-cream was my favorte treat when I was a child. These days, I would choose whole grain waffles, topped with frozen yogurt and I might even add a candy sprinkle or chocolate syrup to complete the treat.

  341. My mother made a soup that she called “The Special.” She would make it on cold days and the whole house would smell great all day long. It was a beef stock soup with loads of veggies in it. She would tell us that she put something “special” in it. She never told us exactly how she made it, but that soup was delicious! As an adult I have tried to duplicate that recipe, but none of my attempts have ever tasted the same. That soup really was special.

  342. Little sandwiches cut into triangles paired with apple slices–the best childhood meal! Served on the old metal tray while I sat in front of the tv watching “The A-Team!” But then again, everything my mom made tasted great, and it was always even more special because of all the love that went into preparing it!

  343. One of my favorite childhood memories is something that my mom made which was very much like a tuna melt… she called them gooey buns. They were baked in the oven wrapped in tin foil, and had tuna, shredded cheese, a little mayo and dab of ketchup, diced hard boiled eggs and chopped green olives (though my kids prefer that I leave those out)!

  344. The tomato soup and grilled cheese were exactly like my great ma used to make for me only she put giant egg noodles in the soup. Extra yummy, might just have to visit the Tomato tonight and have some. Yum! & good luck everyone.

  345. Without a doubt, the best comfort food Mom ever made was garlic chicken with her delicious cabbage salad. After dinner, she’s break out the warm peanut butter cup cookies from the oven— they were still warm and gooey and just melted in our mouths. Oh! I am getting hungry now!

  346. My favorite childhood memory is something that my Mom used to make for my brother and I. I have tried to reproduce them for years but I haven’t been able to. She made cookies that filled the house with the most delightful scent! They had raisins and nutmeg, but they were different because they weren’t baked, she would fry them on a dry griddle. They were amazing!!

  347. When I eat an egg salad sandwich it brings back fond memories of my mom and my brother and myself going to a swimming park in Atlanta. We would leave early in the morning and return by 4:00pm. We would have our picnic and swimming all day and getting a little pink as well. Great memories.

  348. On a cold snowy day in February I began my walk home from school. We lived about 3 blocks from school, but that day it seemed much farther. My nose and cheeks, which were the only body parts exposed, were red and stinging.

    When I reached the house, I kicked off my huge red galoshes in the vestibule and ran in. The smell of warm chocolate chip cookies, that my mother had baked, was wafting throughout the house. Wow, it was great to be home!

  349. My dad use to make homemade lasagna and giant size meatballs and my mom would make a chocolate lasagna for dessert (layers of graham crackers and chocolate pudding!)

  350. Some of the best childhood memories that I have are conjured up by a variety of foods. Every Saturday afternoon, my extended family would get together and bring everyone’s favorite meal: Enchiladas, rice, beans, salad, Lomo Saltado, Papa La Huancaina, etc. It is our tradition to have potlucks and to enjoy family along with food. I remember playing with my cousins while we expectantly waited for outstanding flavors to satisfy our hunger. The best part is, this still happens now. The memories keep accumulating.

  351. In 2nd grade, I refused to eat anything for lunch except tuna on white. Gobs of mayo and sweet pickle relish in the mix made my day. Top it off with carrot sticks on the side and a carton of chocolate milk. I ate that combo every day of 2nd grade and still love it today!

  352. Cornbread and Chili conjure up great childhood memories for me. For family get togethers my grandma made some of the best southern cornbread and my mama made chili and it was like heaven on earth

  353. Sweet Tomatoes is my daughter’s favorite restaurant…when she comes to visit this is one of our eating spots to go…She loves the variety of salads and trimmins…would love to win these passes because i love sweet tomatoes too!!! Love creamy thick soups to warm the tummies on a cold winter’s day….thanks for always being there…. A place to call home!!!

  354. My mother was a great cook! I have so many favorites from my childhood. One of my favorites was when we’d have breakfast for dinner. Eggs, bacon, slice and fried potatoes, toast or biscuits, etc. Another favorite was roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes. I don’t eat beef now, but it’s still a favoite memory!

  355. My name is Ashley Avina and I’ve always loved Souplantation since I was a little girl. My mom and I would always meet up with my dad on his lunch break to go eat at Souplantation. My favorite thing to eat was the Famous Chicken Noodle Soup and cornbread. The one thing i loved best about the soup was the thick noodles and how it is drenched in the soup everytime you take that one bite. The cornbread is always made fresh and perfect. Now as a 20 year old, I still come to Souplantation at least three times a month. I love making my own cold and fresh salad. I still love my chicken noodle soup to this day but now I love every single soup thats out there in Souplantation. Blueberry muffin with the honey butter and macaroni and cheese… deelicious :)) Souplantation thank you for existing and being the only fresh and healthy restuarant there is! I have NO complaints what so ever about Souplantation!

  356. Every Sunday was my mother’s ” night off ” from cooking. Yes, we had Tomato soup and normally grilled cheese sandwiches. However, the dinner would not have been complete without the us being able to eat on t.v trays ( NOT @ the dining table as usual ) with the t.v tuned into ” Bonanza “. I was in love with Little Joe!
    Who could ever forget a special night like that?

  357. What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for you?

    I remember growing up in my grandmothers house in West Suburban Chicago as a child. On those cold Midwestern winter afternoons I would get in from school and my grandmother would have a pot the size of caldron sitting on top of the stove permeating the air with the smell of homade Chicken Noodle Soup. Of course that was prepared from the left over baked chicken the night before but my grandma had a way of reinventing a meal till where you would have thought you were eating it for the first time. Of course with that thick rich chicken stock broth soup with egg noodles, celery, and carrot slices we had to have her famous from scratch cornbread squares. Umm, Umm, Yummy! I can taste it now. The combination of Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Cornbread truly sums up the happiness of my childhood with my grandmother. Nowadays I have passed that love down to my husband and three children and on occasion they get to savor a piece of my childhoood.

  358. My mom had a ton of snacks and meals that made my childhood extra special. She made her own homemade tortillas and when we got home from school she would have a fresh stack and we would roll one or two up with butter that would melt on the hot warm tortilla….it was comfort and an appitizer for our dinner that was to come! I had a great mommy and she still cooks well and for me when I go up North to visit her. I just spend more time exercizing off now all that love she shows through her cooking. 🙂

  359. What I remember most about meals as a child….
    Every week, my mother would make one of her famous soups. Vegetable, Chicken, Minestroni, Turnip (yes, turnip!). My sister and I looked forward to “soup day” because she would alway surprise us with a different recipe. Her soups where thick and hearty and needed nothing else to go with it but chunks of french bread and butter.

    To this day, I myself have a “soup day” for my family, using my mother’s recipes.

    Linda Dahlberg

  360. Growing up in an Indian household, my comfort food is rice with dahl, chicken curry and a fried egg. There’s something about it that makes me feel like a kid.

  361. Milk and cookies would be my answer! Mmmm… fresh-baked cookies that were still warm, with a tall glass of cold milk. :o)

  362. My favorite dish is mac and cheese- when I was younger I loved smelling it in the oven and even today I will ask her to make mac and cheese. I tried making it before but it is not the same. She melts the velvetta cheese and then mixes everything together then bakes it all with parm cheese. It is the best thing I have ever ate!

  363. My favorite childhood meal was my mom’s French bread pizzas, that she would load with pineapple chunks for me.

  364. I have two favorite childhood food combos. One is from my mom and one is from my grandma. My favorite combination from my mom macaroni and cheese with little hotdogs. So yummy and such good memories. I make it for my kids from time to time, but it is really for me! My favorite combo from my grandma is vegetable beef soup with homeade refrigerator rolls. I LOVED walking into her house on Sundays after church and being blasted with the smell of the soup simmering on the stove. I sometimes make her recipe in the slow cooker so that when I come home after a long day it will smell like Grandma’s house. Good memories!

  365. As a child, this was just the ticket,
    And I still love this taste treat triplet.
    It’s so delicious and filling,
    I’m always ready and willing
    For chicken & dumplings and a warm drop biscuit.

  366. One of my favorite and funny childhood memories was when I was about 8 years old and my younger brother was 4. My mom was taking a cake decorating class and would have to bake cakes to take to class. Of course being little kids, we wanted some cake.So to keep us away from the cake while it cooled and to give my mom time to get the cake away from us she told us that eating hot or warm cake would make us sick in teh stomach. So my brother and I would sit near the cake waiting for it to cool. We would eventually get bored and go out to play, giving my mom a chance to put it in the carrying case for her class. The good thing was when she would come home after her class. She would give us a piece of decorated and cooled cake. They never made us sick.

  367. When I was young my mother would prepare a delightful afternoon after school snack especially during the long, cold winters that we experienced. What a treat it was to have this delectable feast, Oven baked macaroni and cheese sprinkled with mini crackers on top and baked. As a side dish there were cherry tomatoes with tiny lettuce leaves.

  368. As a child, I loved eating daal with a little bit of rice. Also my love for cake has not changed since I was a kid. I still love eating birthday cake. There’s just something so wonderful about it.

  369. I remember the BEST candy my mom made: it was homemade FUDGE, I mean FUDGE with a ton of sugar, Karo corn syrup, butter, Baker’s chocolate (I took a nibble of that one time-EWWW! BAKER’S CHOCOLATE AIN’T SWEET!!!), a couple of other things, she brought it to a rolling boil, to test it she dropped a tiny bit of water. If it kinda ‘boiled up’ a little, it was done.
    The HARD part was the fudge cooling in the pan, then putting it into a bowl, then BEATING it, BEATING it until it was shiny, then CLUMPING it onto wax paper.
    It was even HARDER to beat when you added walnuts!
    But it was worth it. Totally worth it.

  370. The best part about being young is that many of my memories that involve food have to do with Sweet Tomatoes. Even now, whenever my family does garden work we plan to go to Sweet Tomatoes afterwards. By the time we get there, the salads (which we always get first) taste better than anything in the whole world. But I will never be able to forget the taste of the cranberry apple bran muffins. Sweet, deft, and wholesome. That’s what my childhood tastes like.

  371. My Mother used to fix home fried chicken with homemade mashed potatoes with lots of golden butter drizzling over them.She would prepare an amazing salad of lettuce,tomatoes,radishes,celery,cheese,carrots,onions and homemade hot rolls with fresh ice tea.Mom would then ice the cake,so to speak with an awesome homemade peach cobbler with blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream.This was my most favorite meal she used to make.It made me feel loved and oh so secure knowing when we were having this that Mom loved us because she made us the very best.The second most favorite meal was the same exact meal except swap out the fried chicken with a home baked (bone-in) ham.Mmmmmmm. My mouth is watering.

  372. The food memory that reminds me of being a kid is having breakfast food for dinner! My mom also love this so I think that when she made it, it made her happy and in a silly mood too, which is great when you are a kid!

  373. My mother stayed home when we were growing up and she always had something warm and comforting waiting for us after school and for dinner.

    My favorites were always the comfort foods: meatloaf and mashed potatoes, pot roast, or a hearty vegetable soup.

    She also made delicious oatmeal scotchie or snickerdoodle cookies or brownies which we ate piping hot right out of the oven.

    I continue these warm memories by making family favorites with my children.

  374. My favorite childhood memory is this amazing pasta dish my mom made- we called it “specialtiy” I wanted it every night!

  375. My Mom had the best apple crisp I’ve ever had. Sometimes when I acted up and she was mad at me, she’d make one as I stewed in my room. I knew when we shared that pie that she was finished being mad and everything was great in the world again.

  376. Graham crackers and peanut butter! I still bring them to work every so often just to feel young again and recently introduced them to my 2 year old daughter, we love the eat them together now!

  377. I grew up in Connecticut and winters were full of playing in the snow, sledding, building igloos and snow forts. After the end of a freezing, snow-filled play day, we would come home to a roaring fireplace and Mom making grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with hot chocolate. It was the best meal ever, especially when you eat it sitting my the fireplace and warming your hands and feet.

  378. My mom always used to let us help in the kitchen…mixing up cookies has to be my favorite kitchen memory! I’m looking forward to doing the same with my children!

  379. Growing up in an Asian household, my mother would make plenty of Taiwanese and Chinese food. One of my warmest memories is of her scooping me a bowl of her hot pot, which was always filled with thin slices of beef ribeye, enoki mushrooms, fish balls, a cracked egg white, rice vermicelli, fresh dashi stock, Napa cabbage, rice vermicelli noodles, and a small blob of Chinese BBQ sauce for extra flavor. Easy to make, comforting, and filling!

  380. My mom used to make all kinds of casseroles – Tuna-Noodle, Meatball-Rice .. yumm .. filled the tummy 🙂

  381. When I was little, my Grandpa would sneak me out of bed for a special treat: blueberry pie, mayonnaise sandwiches and “Dr. Who”. I think now that this was such a strange combination, but to a 3 year old me, it was pure happiness. Now that my Grandpa is gone, these are memories I will always cherish.

  382. My Grandma use to make a potatoe beef taco with homemade tortillla and with fresh out of the garden veggie salad. Yummy!! I also liked Rice Crispy Treats.

  383. My mom would, every once in a while, put some dish on the table and say “This is what all the little XYZ (Polish, German, Chinese) children are eating tonight…” Once a teacher, always a teacher!

  384. My mom’s chocolate chip pancakes–nothing was better than waking up and smelling pancakes cooking on a saturday morning! She made these gianormous ones that no one should be able to finish, but somehow we always did. Yum!

  385. When I was a kid there were many favorite dishes that my mom and grandma’s would whip up! Homemade buttermilk biscuts was always a favorite when I was with my mom. But when wevisited Grandma’s house she would always be making handmade tortillas the smell would just make your mouth water! add a lil butter to that and WOW watch that frown turn upside down! and just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore fuzzier… She always had a pot of homeade soup! Chicken or Albondiagas.. How I loved visiting Grandma’s ~ some how she knew exactly how to make everything okay.. My other grandma would make these thick fluffy waffles, it didn’t matter what time of the day you went over to visit her house was always warm and smelled like maple syrup! To this day I can take my kids to visit and at 85 she will still offers to whip up some yummy waffles for her little ones.. I love to create these same types of memories for my kids!!! Thank you for the opportunity to share!!

  386. ohh,childhood memories. Chocolate chip cookies nice and warm from the oven is definately the best. Making rice krispies treats, cut-out sugar cookies and decorating them is all wonderful. Every year, we would carve a pumpkin, and then roast the pumkin seeds. Sooo good.

  387. My fondest food memory is a really good chocolate cake my mom makes! She got the recipe from a dear friend who has since died. It calls for boiling water, butter, sugar and cocoa together, and then blending it in with the rest of the ingredients. The frosting was always applied when the cake was still warm, so it melted a little and covered the whole cake. It always turns out so rich and delicious! It’s become a birthday tradition with the whole family!

  388. My mom made a great vegetable soup with potatoes, corn, green beans, ground beef, and lima beans in a tomato soup broth. We’d cover it in cheddar cheese and it was oh so yummy =))

  389. Apple pie. My mom would bake 10 apple pies on Saturday, and with seven kids in the family, the pies would all be gone by Sunday night.

  390. Food forever brings people together, and nothing in this world brought my crazy cuban family together more than food and dominoes. My all time favorite childhood memory was my grandfather’s soup, it was I suppose like a cuban version of chicken noodle soup. The noodles were thicker and there were huge chunks of chicken with pieces of vegetables, and the best broth on the face of this earth! My grandparents would always give me a bowl when I went to visit them, or when I was feeling sick. No one really knows what’s in this magical soup. My favorite thing is my grandparents still to this day remember how I like it (extra noodles, little chicken, broth, and minimal vegetables) and always have a separate soup for me. It brought us together and still does. I don’t live in south Florida anymore but every time I go visit my abuelos there is always soup waiting for me, and just one sip takes me back to my happy childhood. The best part is now – I take home a gallon of it!

  391. Two things. Gooey homemade Macaroni & Cheese. Nothing beats that. Delish. And, believe it or not, salad. I loved the salads my babysitters Mother used to make for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always loved digging in to a heaping bowl of her salad loaded with red onions, marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts. It was divine.

  392. Fresh strawberries from the garden always reminds me of being a kid! We’d pick them right out of the patch, sprinkle with a little bit of powdered sugar just for fun and gobble them up!

  393. I remember chocolate chip cookies my Grandma made – she made the whole house smell so good, but we couldn’t have any till after we ate our dinner! It made them taste all the better!

  394. I remember my Mom’s big pot of homemade sauce that cooked and simmered all day with homemade meatballs and sausage cooking inside it. The smell always emanated throughout the entire house, and everyone in the family could hardly wait for dinner. There was always so much sauce that we would be able to make all different delicious Italian dishes for days to come. Whenever my Mom makes that now, it reminds me of my childhood. 🙂

  395. Back yard parties at my grandma’s with steak, salad, fresh fruit, chips and dip and most important, the homemade strawberry ice cream.

  396. When I was a kid, my fondest memory and dinner, was my mom making us pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for dinner. And my own children now LOVE to have breakfast for dinner as a treat as well. Ahh.. to be a kid again!

  397. My family comes from two different cultures that both value food. Christmas at my grandparents’ always included tamales, rice and beans, and ham. One year, all the women and girls got together to make the tamales from scratch. My grandfather kept coming over to tell us to add more masa. Dessert would include pan dulces or bunelos.

    My mother learned how to make all the Jewish recipes for the holidays, first with my grandmother, and then in her place after she passed. We would help prepare the potatoes for the Hanukkah latkes every year. And Passover would always include my grandfather’s cousins homemade gefilte fish, my aunt’s famous brisket, and my mother’s matzah balls – sometimes floaters and sometimes sinkers, but always good. My cousin would make the haroset, then my brother took it over, and now my non-Jewish husband makes it. Food brings us all together.

  398. We were very poor growing up, but as children we never knew! Mom would put together the most wonderful meals for very little money. We had fresh veggies from the garden and Mom’s creativity made mealtime a grand adventure! One of my favorite meals was the New Year’s Day supper. Mom was from the deep south and made black-eyed peas and rice plus sauerkraut and wieners for Dad’s German roots. That was such a feast!

  399. I LOVE the memory of having grilled cheese with tomato soup and creamette (elbow) noodles! The grilled cheese was cut diagonally in half (had to be that way!) and we’d dip it in the soup. YUM!

  400. My best childhood food memory is my Mom’s Christmas sugar cookies. It is just an ordinary recipe out of an ancient Fanny Farmer cookbook worn with love that has a paper ice cream cone bookmark to identify its delectable location in the book. But when my Mom makes those cookies it is the best treat in the world. She rolls them out thin, but not too thin, so that we get a little bit of chewy center and a crisp brown edge. She sprinkles some with red and some with green sugar. They come in shapes like Santa with a sack over his shoulder, an angel or a star. Sometimes she throws in a shamrock to remind us of our Irish heritage or a kitty in tribute to our beloved pet, Tigger. Any which one I choose I am a happy camper. And since she ONLY makes them at Christmas time we wait in anticipation for twelve long months to pass for the legendary treats. We hear whispers from her co-workers, “Is Sharon making her cookies again this year?” and we start to get giddy after Thanksgiving passes. To this day I wait in sweet agony for Christmas to come every year for when I go home to visit. I would give up roast beef dinner, shrimp cocktail appetizers and maybe even my Christmas morning stocking just to eat those cookies. Thirty-nine years later Mom’s cookies still remind me of Pure Christmas.

  401. My dad makes the best homemade cinnamon rolls. Soft and chewy with a sticky caramel bottom. I love those fresh from the oven with a tall glass of milk, it immediately takes me back to my childhood. In fact I still do… when I can convince Dad to make them.

  402. Gosh, My dad is Italian and we had so many yummy treats. Lots of spaghetti, all sorts. My mom made pies too. Lemon meringue. Yum. Mom also made this sandwich stuff only a kid could love. She had a meat grinder and took bulk bologna and cheese with pickles and put it all in the meat grinder and made this sandwich spread. Mom was from Kentucky and we had Southern treats also. Chicken and dumplings. I also remember my grandmother making us that southern gravy and biscuits. Oh and jello salad with cream cheese in it. Loved that as a kid. Mom made a lot of cakes. She made some sort of frosting that she cooked on the stove and then put the mixture in the mixer. Some kind of cooked buttercream frosting. very yummy.

  403. Loved when Mom would make a big pot of chili – all that goodness in one pot! And in the oven, the cornbread was baking. Couldn’t get enough of that! Which is why every time I go to Souplantation, I get the Kettle Chili and a piece of cornbread! Comfort in a bowl!

  404. Mom’s homemade rhubarb pie (made with rhubarb I helped her pick from the garden) with vanilla ice cream. It was best when the pie was still hot from the oven and the ice cream would start melting as soon as it would touch the pie.

  405. Texas toast with melted american cheese on top (in the broiler of course) has always been my favorite combination from childhood. When I had friends sleep over, the smell of the toasty, buttery duo would wake us up after a night of laughing, barbies and movies. Anytime I burn the roof of my mouth from hot steam rising up out of the first bite of the melted layer of cheese, it takes me right back to 3rd grade.

  406. The best memory is baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom and eating them as they came out of the oven – still hot and melty. Every time I have a cookie that is still warm and gooey, I remember her.

  407. To be honest when i go to Souplantation i feel like a kid again. My whole family used to go and meet up with my grandparents and enjoy eachother and the food 🙂 to this day i call it sloop plantation because when we all used to go thats whatd id call it and it just stuck haha. But ebery time me and my fiance go now i look in the exact spot my family and i would sit everytime and smile at all the fond memories we had there. (p.s. Its definately the chicken noodle soup that brings me back, those huge noodles are the best!!)

  408. One of my favorite dishes growing-up was my mom’s homemade ‘meatball soup’…with lost of vegies, actually somewhat similar to the ‘albondiga loca’ soup feature at the Fountain Valley, CA Souplantation..every time Souplantation has this soup, it brings very nice, warm and sweet memories from my childhood. thank you!

  409. Cinnamon sugar toast is my absolute favorite, and since it’s not a “grownup” food I don’t eat it anymore. But when I’m at home and sick, my mom always makes it for me and I feel like a little girl again. 🙂

  410. My favorite memories include spaghetti and meatballs for dinner or the wonderful homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk for an after school snack.

  411. Hi,

    My Mother was a wonderful cook and I have many fond memories of her delicious meals growing up in her home. Many of her recipes are family favorites still and have been shared with friends and neighbors as I’ve moved from place to place in my adult life.

    Her homemade “Lemon Pie” made from scratch always gets rave reviews! The crust is thin and delicate, the filling made from eggs, butter, sugar, and fresh squeezed lemons, and topped by real, fresh whipped cream. Whether serving it at dinners, buffets, book clubs, to neighbors and friends, or at family meal time, it is always remembered for days after.
    That is one of my favorite childhood treats and also a favorite memory of watching her make it, and later, helping her make it as I grew older.

    Thanks for triggering this fun and beautiful memory of my Mother and her skills and talent as a great cook and wonderful Mother.

    Patsy Jensen

  412. A bagel topped with what my mother used to call bubblegum cheese (bubbly muenster cheese). It would be all stretch and gooey out of the oven. I loved it paired with creamy tomato soup, with a little bit of milk in the middle topped with crackers.

  413. I grew up with a single father who raised me and so he was both a mother and a father. One of my favorite’s he’d make for me is “Migas,” which is a combo of chopped up corn tortillas, a little onion and eggs (scrambled). He’d make a special salsa to go on top made with tomato sauce, chile piqui, and more onion. Sooo good! His french toast was excellent too!

  414. Grandma’s homemade fried chicken was my favorite! I loved the milk gravy she made with the chicken grease! I would eat bowls of plain gravy!!!! YUMMY!

  415. The combination of food that takes me back is “beanies and wienies” My mom would cut up wieners and heat them with pork and beans. It really makes me think of my childhood.

  416. The best childhood memory of eating is all the family dinners we had together–food was everything from american fare to ethnic offerings, mostly traditional Chinese home-style cooking. One of the best was fresh fish & chips brought home still warm wrapped in real newspaper and lots of malt vinegar to dip the crispy goodness into.

  417. My favorite was our fried chicken weekends. Friday night my mom would make a batch of fried chicken legs, wings and breasts, mash potatoes, a salad and a ton of chicken gravy. The next morning we would have big breakfast with fried potatoes, biscuits and chicken gravy, eggs and bacon or sausage. Those weekends were few and far between, but I think that’s what made them special.

  418. My mum would make the best “toast toppers”! I remember her mixing together cheese and all kinds of yummy ingredients and toasting it under the broiler until bubbly and golden. These were my favourite suppers – little did I know this was that left-overs before pay-day dinner!

  419. This is an evil dessert I made up out of Souplantation goodies that I STILL crave whenever I visit:

    Place 1 oven-warm chocolate brownie muffin in an ice cream bowl or one of the smaller plates.
    Swirl either vanilla or vanilla/chocolate or dark chocolate (whichever floats your boat) on top (be generous!). And sprinkle granola on top, with caramel and chocolate drizzle.

    Hey, I was good! I had salad before dessert! 😀

  420. My mom’s homemade chicken soup with fresh Italian bread always gives me the comforts of home, and makes me feel like a kid again. My dad used to make fresh biscuits, with cheddar cheese, before I went to school in the morning. Just thinking about that brings me back to elementary school. And, homemade baked macaroni and cheese – made with real cheese, topped with breadcrumbs. Worth every calorie…

  421. My favorite food memory from childhood was my grandmother’s potato soup. We drove up from our house in Florida to my grandparent’s house in West Virginia every summer. We would leave well before the sun came up and drive straight through until we got there in the evening. Since we never knew exactly what time we’d get there (and shockingly, there was no such thing as a cell phone to call ahead), she would make a big pot of fresh potato soup with bits of bacon and some fresh vegetables from her garden, and leave it simmering on the stove so that when we got in, we’d have a nice fresh hot meal waiting for us. To this day, anytime that I have potato soup, it reminds me of those times, especially the baked potato soup at Sweet Tomatos.

  422. My mother passed away when I was only five years old, so every memory I have of her is priceless.
    One summer when the breezes were blowing nothing but hot air, i remember making pizza outside with her, my aunts and cousins.. It was the early 50’s when home air conditioning was unheard of. We carried out all the ingredients and each of us cousins were assigned one of those important jobs of adding an ingredient.
    The picnic table was covered in white paper waiting for the rolling out of the dough. We kids kept peeking into the large bowls waiting anxiously for the dough to rise which seemed like an eternity. After hours of play, a fast lunch and more play, it was time to roll out the crust! We young ones had our own small rolling pins and we worked tirelessly. My grandmother added the sauce which we called gravy, and then we kids were let loose with the ingredients to add on top.
    One by one the masterpieces were carried into the hot kitchen and put into the oven. Seems we waited forever for all of them to bake. To pass the time we were allowed to run through the sprinkler until we saw the pizzas being carried out to the picnic table for dinner.
    I can still see all of us sitting in our backyard-kids at my small picnic table, the women at big table and all the men sitting on lawn chairs in a circle at the back of the yard.
    There we were eating the best pizza ever made and I had helped create it!
    I think fondly of that hot summer day everytime I pop a frozen pizza into my oven!

  423. My favorite thing to eat as a child had to be my grandfather’s potato pancakes. There would always be a towering stack for my brother and I to finish. They were simply amazing (and simple to make)!

  424. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with potato chips. I used to put the chips inside the sandwich for a crunch. So good!

  425. ‘Creamed Salmon’ is an easy, nutritious & delicious item that Souplantation could serve. Just heat canned salmon,peas,cream ofg mushroom soup & serve over toast or with warm crusty bread. Whern my husband & I dated we were shocked to realize our mom’s served the same heartwarming dish. After 60 years we still enjoy it today.

  426. we used to toast a tortilla and put butter on it while sprinkling it with cinnamon sugar. we also used to put a slice of american cheese around a banana–whose idea was that? it was good!

  427. I loved it when my Mom would make cream dried beef. It was a white sauce with the jar of dried beef chopped up in it. She served it over her buttermilk biscuits that were just like Grandmother’s. YUM!! We also loved starwberry shortcake and for bdays we asked for lasagna and french bread. Her oriental chicken was super yummy too. Today I am vegetarian but I still remember that delicious food Mom made.

  428. So many to choose from…rice with soft boiled eggs, homemade chicken soup, enchiladas. My mom is a great cook! Ooh and her desserts — the flan was the best, I would always lick up all of the syrup afterwards 🙂

  429. Would you believe refried bean tacos on a cold morning!?! 55 years ago we lived in a small house with no central air/heat. During the winter on cold weekend mornings my beautiful, wonderful mother would make bean tacos for my dad’s lunch and then bring tacos to us kids IN BED!!! I had 9 brothers & sisters. Bean tacos were a big staple in our lives growing up. And now when we go to visit Mom & Dad, that’s the first thing we ask for. I have 34 nieces & nephews, when they go visit Grandma & Grandpa, the first thing they ask for? Grandma’s bean tacos. Who knew when we grew up, we’d discover beans are one of the greatest foods you should eat. Maybe that’s why all of us are so healthy. That’s why when my husband and I go to Sweet Tomatoes, we look for soups with the beans!!!

  430. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches and a tall glass of milk makes me feel like a kid again. It’s still one of my favorite lunches!

  431. My favorite meal as a kid is home made mac n cheese and home made beef and noodles.
    Every holiday my grandma would get up very early to prepare her dough for the noodles. I would always try to sneak some and always got caught!

  432. For breakfast, my mom cooked hot cinnabons and then after a long day of schools shishki bobs. I honestly wish that Sweet Tomatoes was still around so I could go there and eat a great meal!

  433. I remember on cold wet rainy days I would love to have creamy tomatoe soup with toasty grilled cheesey sandwich. Yesterday was one of those days so we were off to enjoy that fond memorie at our favorite Sweet Tomatoes. Love to dip the cheesey bread in the delicoius creamy tomatoe soup. Thanks Sweet Tomatoes for reminding me of childhood memories and allowing my children to create their own.

  434. My mom was a terrible cook but she could make tomato and rice soup (from a can with added milk) and a grilled cheese and it was my favorite meal.

  435. My favorite dessert was chocolate cake with white mountain frosting. YUMMY!! We could have company drive in the driveway and before they got out of the car Mom could have a cake in the oven, she was that good!! I miss you Mom!

  436. Cream of Chicken soup paired with Minute Rice – a simple recipe but to this day no one other than mom can make it “just right.”

  437. My Mom’s “one of a kind” special recipe of homemade vegetable “gumbo” soup with old-fashioned iron skillet cornbread is the best! It was sooo good that we even ate it during HOT Texas summers with no central air…just an exhaust fan! And we’re still enjoying it while passing the family recipe along to 2 younger generations!

  438. My dad’s home made strawberry ice cream and angel food cake. Sometimes I would be lucky enough to have this for my birthday.

  439. Chocolate Chip pancakes in the shape of MIckey Mouse’s face!!. Basically 2 mini pancakes (the ears) and one large pancake as the face. Alongside a cold glass of fresh orange juice!

  440. My fav childhood memory associated with food is tapioca with bananas sliced in it. Don’t know why but this always conjures up warm & fuzzy feelings.

  441. My mom used to make cinnamon sugar toast in the morning when I was in a hurry or running late. She would butter the bread, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on there and put in the toaster oven for a few minutes…it was heavenly! I have tried to make it myself, and although it seems simple, it never tastes quite as good as remember when I was a kid!

  442. When I was a kid all I wanted was meals like the others kids had, mac and cheese, burgers, fried chicken, you know real comfort food. Well, my Mom was Armenian and she made stuff like coucous, bulgher salad, chicken cooked in peanut oil, and dolmas. Now I realize as an adult she was making healthy stuff but as a kid you want the same stuff as others. To get what I wanted I learned to cook at a very early age. I made burgers and the best mac and cheese and chicken cooked in oil. If only I could go back and tell Mom thanks for all the great stuff she made even though when TV dinners came out I felt like a winner when I compared my eatring them with the other kids! It is amazing the stuff you rememvber when now I am happy when I can remember my pin #, ah life goes on!!!

  443. My father just passed away last month and we’ve been going through all our childhood photos and videos. This is back in the day when “camcorders” were the size of a small dog, and came with a little suitcase that held the tapes. There is this one video where my brother and I are shoveling the driveway while my Dad “supervised” (in other words videotaped us for posterity.) We were probably 5 and 6. It was hard work! We were complaining he wasn’t helping us, but now we get to treasure the memory forever. It snowed often in Pennyslvania and after we shoveled the driveway and sidewalk, my Mom would always make us “hot chok” and grilled cheese sandwiches. What a cozy, all American childhood my parents gave us, and they were born and raised in Taiwan!

    You can see the video here:

  444. One of my favorite meals as a kid was homemade waffles with strawberries and whipped cream! Nothing tasted better. We’d have them for breakfast,lunch or dinner with cheesy eggs. I also loved meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Tuna noodle casserole was a close third!

  445. My mom’s famous grilled cheese stuffed with bacon and peanut butter is a childhood memory in and of itself. People always made a face when she mentioned the combo, but after their first bite they took it alllll back. So simple yet so tasty.

  446. Growing up, whenever my mom was not around to cook, my Dad would step in and make his “famous grilled cheese sandwiches”. These were just basic grilled cheese sandwiches with ham or balogna in the middle but for some reason we thought these were gourmet sandwiches and we loved them! I think the best part of this was my Dad was so proud of these sandwiches and he enjoyed making them for us. haha Also breakfast for dinner was also popular growing up. So now, every once in a while, I like to recreate that memory and have pancakes, eggs and bacon for dinner. It’s the best!

  447. reuben sandwiches and homemade fries.
    homemade buttermilk pancakes
    spam sandwiches
    chicken a la king over rice

    Miss my Mom!

  448. Mom made several delectable dishes, but when the trifecta hit, all the world was right: homemade breaded cutlets (CFS) mashed potatoes with gravy and corn meal dusted fried okra (she still makes the best fried okra). It did not happen often, but honestly, I cannot remember eating anything else as a kid.

  449. Macaroni and cheese is one of those happy foods that bring me back to childhood. It was never part of a family meal; it was reserved for special nights when I got to choose whatever I wanted for dinner. It’s comfort food for sure, and I love the mac n’ cheese at Souplantation!

  450. Believe it or not….fried balogna sandwiches! Mom would add a slice of cheese, mayo, mustard and a little ketchup and there you have it, smiles from ear to ear!! 🙂

  451. For me okazu. Ground beef with soy sauce, sugar, ginger and garlic with zucchini over rice. Makes me think of mom. That or her beef stroganoff with bacon. I had a strange childhood.

  452. My favorite meal when I was a kid was chicken broccoli casserole and breadsticks. It didn’t matter what went on that day, whatever problems we had with either each other or work, or school, when we sat down to eat this meal we all loved it and enjoyed spending that time together. I don’t what it was, it was just this meal that it happened with. But looking back, that was the best childhood meal.

  453. I am Chinese and grew up in Taiwan. My childhood favorite is tofu flower soup. It’s basically tofu custard in syrup. I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old, I’d wait in our family room and looked out of the window for the guy who sells it on his bike. He has thi