Gluten-Free Alternatives to Kitchen Staples

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If gluten isn’t a part of your diet, it may be intimidating to avoid gluten when many pantry staples contain gluten. But with this list, you can stock your kitchen with gluten-free items that will make eating gluten-free at home as easy as (gluten-free) pie! Always make sure all products you purchase state “gluten-free” on the label, as ingredients may vary.

Brown rice, polenta, quinoa

These items are great gluten-free whole grain options. Use them as a side dish, in place of pasta or in salads. Plus, quinoa and brown rice are sources of protein and fiber!

Corn tortillas & chips

Having a taco night or need something to go with your dip? Corn tortillas and corn chips are your gluten-free option!

Veggie noodles & Brown Rice / Quinoa Pasta

If you’re craving pasta, there are plenty of gluten-free noodle options out there. Brown rice and quinoa pasta are protein-packed options, while veggie noodles, spiralized cuts of vegetables like zucchini, sweet potatoes, or carrots, sneak in servings of vegetables!


For your Asian-inspired cooking, use tamari instead of soy sauce. It has the same salty flavor, without the wheat!

Alternative flours

When it comes to baking, the gluten-free flour options seem limitless! There are nut-based flours like almond flour and rice-based flours like brown rice flour. You can even find quinoa flour, chickpea flour, and potato flour. Check out your local grocery store to see what your options are.

If using a gluten-free flour to replace regular all-purpose flour, look for all purpose gluten-free flours such as Cup4Cup. These flours can be substituted like-for-like in most recipes!

Gluten-Free bread

There are many brands of gluten-free bread stocked on grocery store shelves, so when you need a sandwich, a gluten-free version isn’t out of reach! Look for whole grain or multigrain versions of gluten-free breads to ensure you are getting in beneficial fiber and vitamins and minerals!


We all experience snack cravings. Make sure you have gluten-free options to grab at home, like popcorn. Popcorn is easy to make and it’s super versatile. Season it to your preference for a salty snack or sweet one!

Let us know your favorite gluten-free thing to eat!

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