A Guide to Healthy Portion Control

A Guide to Healthy Portion Control - Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

Souplantation is a proud partner of Healthy Dining Finder. We both are working towards promoting healthy choices when eating out and one way we’re working together to do this is through our Interactive Nutrition Menu powered by Healthy Dining Finder. With this interactive menu, you’re able to see a personalized menu of Souplantation items based on nutrition goals, allergens, or dietary restrictions you choose.

Without the availability of an interactive nutrition menu when you’re dining out or eating at home, it can be difficult to know if you’re portioning your meal to reach health goals and incorporate a healthy amount of each food group. To learn how to properly portion your plate, see the post the Souplantation team did on Healthy Dining Finder’s blog, complete with helpful infographic!

A Guide to Healthy Portion Control from Souplantation on Healthy Dining Finder

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