We asked you to share some photos of your favorite lemon products and we love what you sent! We wanted to share with everyone else!

Lemon Lava Cake + Lemon Water

Lemon Lava Cake Sundae

Lemon Cream with Capers Pasta and Tangy lemon Muffins

A close-up of Tangy lemon muffins


  1. Can you please provide the recipe for the Lemon Lava cake, as well as the Carrot (and Cream) Lava Cake? I’ve read numerous compliments for both items; however, I have been unable to find any recipe that would be a comparable start to trying to make either item. (I have became disabled and there is no resturant location that is relatively close nor am I able to drive for myself yet (therefore, trying to find these items when they are on the menu and actually getting to a location during that time is EXTREMELY hard and almost impossible for me).) I would GREATLY appreciate the information! As one whom loves to cook & share the happiness (item & information) with others, ‘word of mouth’ promotions are the BEST way to obtain new, repetitive customers.

  2. Could you please give me the recipe for your tangy lemon muffins? They are terrific and I always go to the soup plantation during the month of April especially for those muffins. Thank you.

  3. I love love love all of your lemon recipes…..I sadly do not live near a Sweet Tomatoes and only get to enjoy your food when i am traveling. I would love to have the recipes for your lemon dishes….YUM!!!

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