From September 16-28, guests can enjoy Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes freshly prepared Mexican dishes including the  Azteca Taco w/Turkey Tossed Salad and the Chicken Enchilada Soup. And to learn a little more about our final destination, below are some final fun facts on Mexico.

  • The green bean has been cultivated in Mexico for about 7,000 years
  • Mexico introduced chocolate to the world
  • Mexico City sinks 10 inches each year
  • The word “tomato” comes from the Aztec language

Don’t forget to visit or during your trip. Information and downloads including kids activity sheets for each country with coupons included are available online. In addition, you can share your trip around the world with friends by sending postcards from different countries to friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Some of our delicious Mexican dishes are below:

  • Azteca Taco with Turkey Tossed Salad
  • Chicken Enchilada Soup — NEW!
  • Albondigas Locas Soup
  • Southwest Chipotle Focaccia
  • 100% Whole Wheat Spicy Jalapeno Salsa Pasta
  • Roasted Potato Salad with Chipotle Chile Vinaigrette
  • Baja Bean & Cilantro Prepared Salad
  • House-Made Spicy Southwest Chipotle Dressing — NEW!

9 thoughts on “MEXICO FUN FACTS”

  1. Our Soup Plantation on Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon, CA will no longer accept our coupons. Why are you still sending them to me?


  2. Talking about coupons, it’s nice to see for the second week in a row that this weeks coupon (valid for use through October 7, 2010) does not require a beverage purchase. In addition, this week’s coupon has been expanded to allow up to 4 people to dine on one coupon instead of 2, and the coupons are valid for use in your New Mexico, North Carolina and Utah locations in addition to all your other locations. (No impact to us as we dine in your Los Angeles and Phoenix locations.)

    We have dined with you twice this week, once on Monday and again on Wednesday for lunch before 4 p.m. We also noticed the price increases that I made note of in my last post were visible on Wednesday (.10c increase at lunch, more at dinner and weekends). We were not impacted by the most recent price increase, as we had the fixed price coupon.

    I failed to mention in my last post that we haven’t been into Souplantation (Los Angeles) or Sweet Tomatoes (Phoenix) in a very long time, becuase of the required beverage purchase when using the coupon. So we have been dining elsewhere to maximize cost savings and taking advantage of other money saving opportunities from some of your competitors.

    It was very nice to dine with you again, and we plan on dining again with you next week (for lunch, before 4 p.m. and with the coupon) to catch up on some of those different varieties of soups that we have been missing the past several months since we stopped patronizing your locations.

    We’ll keep you updated on our thoughts regarding your promotions. I’m wondering if the senior leadership team has time in their busy day to read the blog posts, or someone on the Garden Fresh staff aggregates the posts in a one page read so the executives are in the loop as to what customers are saying/posting on the blog.

    By the way, on our Wednesday visit, we did receive a survey, but not sure if 15% discount is the better deal on our next visit in 14 days, or when using the fixed price coupon (I’ll figure that out as we pay when I compare the two offers.) It’s nice to see that when using the survey 15% discount does not require the purchase of a beverage.

    It appears someone/somebody/many in the senior leadership team are listening to our concern reagarding the required purchase of a beverage when using the coupon, so thank you!

    1. AJ,
      thank you for your comments. We are glad that you enjoy our new coupons and that you have decided to revisit Souplantation and enjoy all we have to offer. We appreciate that you came back. I work in the marketing department and I do manage the blog and blog replies but I bring all the comments, replies, thoughts and anything that is posted to the executives so they see what our guests are saying. Thank you again and I will make sure that your note gets seen by the executive team.

  3. We went to Sweet Tomatoes in Hollywood Fl. again tonight for dinner.. I had a bowl of your Albondigas Locas Soup and it was delicious , perfectly seasoned . I’m wondering what the nutrition facts are for it and would also love the recipe. The gingerbread muffins were on the menu again and they are my favourite.

  4. My family and I ate at Soup Plantation a while back and had the Albondigas soup. It was amazing. We have been craving it, but it has not been served again. I would love to get the recipe!!!

  5. I agree the Ablondigas soup is great, we had it once in Orange County, CA and loved it! Haven’t seen it in a long time, do you know when it might come back on the menu at the Sweet Tomatoes in Aurora CO. Do you guys give out recipes at all? If so, would love that one!

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