When you buy a beverage at Souplantation/ Sweet Tomatoes, the number of beverage options goes beyond the soda fountain options, coffee and tea.

We call it Mixology! Mixology is the chance to mix as little or as many beverage combinations as you please. We encourage mixology in the restaurant and love when our guests create new drinks. Some old fashioned drinks that you should try next visit at Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes:

Arnold Palmer: iced tea and lemonade

Strawberry spritzer: sprite and strawberry lemonade (add fruit to make it feel tropical)

Chocolate milk: Chocolate + Milk

Root beer float: Root beer + vanilla frozen yogurt

Iced Mocha:    Ice + Milk + Coffee + Chocolate Syrup = Iced Mocha

Tell us your drink that you create at Souplantation/ Sweet Tomatoes. Share with us so others can try!


  1. You should include a drink with the price of the buffet. It makes you look CHEAP to charge “in addition” to your buffet.. I would come a lot more offten if you did!!!

  2. I agree with the guy who said the drink should be included in the buffet price. I have never been to a buffet (besides your) who charges extra for a drink. We all get water when we go because the drink would cost us an additional $8 which is crazy….but I guess that is where you make all of your money. 2 weeks ago a guy & his wife walked out when they found out the drinks would be an additional $2 per person….their plates were already loaded with food. Too funny. With the way the economy is, you should really consider it, you would get a lot more customers!

  3. I think it’d be great if parents asked their kids, to post some of their combos. I’m always seeing young kids mixing different sodas at the soda fountain, it’d be neat to find out what they’ve come up with.

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