Sometimes Sweet Tomatoes/ Souplantation gets written up by bloggers, reporters, journalists that try our restaurants on vacation or live near by. We love to take a look at these and share with our fans to see what everyone else is talking about. We want to thank Orlando Genius for their kind words about Sweet Tomatoes in Orlando. Plus, we love all the photos!

Sweet Tomatoes is simply the best selection for a quick and healthy meal in Orlando

Here’s a perfect quick and healthy restaurant idea: Put out dozens of fresh-from-the-farm salad ingredients and toppings as a buffet;  toss together a few handmade options for the guest who doesn’t want to build it himself; serve the salads with unlimited soup, pizza, pasta, and soft-serve ice cream; and do it all for about $10 a person.  Well guess what?  Someone has already thought of that!

Sweet Tomatoes is has something for everyone

I’ll keep this short and sweet (no pun intended).  Sweet tomatoes is awesome.  If you have never been to a Sweet Tomatoes, don’t let the idea of it being a “buffet” fool you.  Everything here is fresh, made-from-scratch, and as good as it gets.  The emphasis is certainly on healthy greens and veggies, but there are plenty of other fun foods too (pizza, mac and cheese, soft serve ice cream, baked potatoes, warm bread, etc.).  It is just lovely.  If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and go.

Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet begins

Select from one of their pre-made salads…

…or make your own.

Sweet Tomatoes made-from-scratch soups

Sides as good as the salads

A complete meal if you want to be a little healthy

And a complete meal if you want to be a little bit naughty

Price is about $10 per person.  Sure it’d be great if it were like $5 or $6, but I don’t mind at all paying a few extra dollars for this kind of quality, care, presentation, and freshness.  And many items are all-you-can-eat.

Can’t complain about this

Sweet Tomatoes has two locations in Orlando, one near Disney and one near Universal.  They are very similar, so head to the one that is closest (although the one near Disney is certainly busier).  See the links below for more information.

GENIUStip The Sweet Tomatoes near Universal also serves Sunday brunch.  Wow!


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