Last year, Sweetie traveled around the country stopping in almost each state our restaurants are located in to meet our guests, travel around and enjoy our delicious foods. Follow Sweetie again this month as he celebrates our American Road Trip! During May, Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is offering ‘All American Treats” from coast to coast!

Each week the menu will change and Sweetie will visit where our food is coming from. Our first week, Sweetie is visiting Santa Fe in New Mexico to taste the Santa Fe Black Bean Chili. This delicious chili is vegetarian, vegan and low-fat so Sweetie can have as much as he wants without blushing and turning red about it!

When Sweetie isn’t grabbing a red bowl of our Santa Fe Black Bean Chili, find him hanging around the Santa Fe attractions. Help Sweetie caption this quote for his scrapbook. What should he title this photo?


  1. My husband and I are vegan/vegetarian, and we were so thrilled that a restaurant existed which gave us a choice, Sweet Tomatoes soon became our only place for dining out. Even other restaurants that purported to be vegetarian-friendly didn’t have the variety and fresh products of yours. I am therefore deeply disappointed to see that even though vegetarian patrons pretty much put your establishment on the map (in Florida, at least), your Road Trip menu after May 6 is completely non-vegetarian. Not a single “road trip” entree is consumable by those who don’t eat meat – even the salads have either bacon, chicken, or some kind of meat in them! Of course there are the regular items from your non-road-trip offerings, but it hurts a little that we’ve been so totally excluded from this special promotion, and we have nothing different to look forward to this month since it seems you’re only catering to carnivores these days. It really would have been nice to be able to share the whole “road trip” thing with just as many special vegetarian dishes as non-vegetarian ones. I feel my loyalty slipping a bit. Guess we vegetarians aren’t as important to your company as we thought.

    1. Judy,
      we always have at least two vegetarian soups. Below are the veggie soups for May

      Cauliflower Cheese May 1 – 13
      Santa Fe black Bean Chili May 1 -6
      Old Fashion Vegetable May 1 – 13
      Classic Minestrone May 1 – 13
      Irish Potato Leek May 17 -29
      Broccoli Cheese May 17 -29
      Tomato Parmesean & vegetables May 17 -29
      Pinto bean & Basil Barley May 17 -29

  2. Do you know if Sweet Tomatoes is planning another health food month? They had one a year or two ago (I believe it was during January) and the whole grain cold salads were amazing. They were not in the featured salad section – they were near the tuna pasta salad.

    I’d also like to see more ethnic items with unusual seasoning. If they are spicy, note that on the label so people who like bland food won’t choose them. Bland Norwegian potato dumplings would be good too – though they would have to be served with melted butter in the hot pasta section.

  3. Please ask Sweet Tomatoes to offer the month’s featured specialty items on the weekends. Some people visit only on the weekends – they would like some variety too. Thank you!

    The Schaumburg IL staff is great!

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